Imlie: Agastya stands by Imlie & decides to not attend the engagement after Navya refuses Imlie to do so

In the episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight, Agastya will be seen taking a firm stand for Imlie.

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Sai Ketan Rao as Agastya

Imlie loads her freshly prepared sweets onto her bicycle, informing her friends that she can handle the remaining tasks, allowing them to return to their own duties. A friend points out that Agastya has closed the bar, questioning how they can go back to work. Imlie confidently asserts that she knows Agastya well, believing he would have reopened the bar, and her prediction comes true when they receive news that the bar is open again.

After delivering the order, Imlie returns home to find Agastya apologizing to Vishwa. Agastya explains that he misunderstood Vishwa's intentions regarding Imlie's role and clarifies that Imlie was hired for catering, not singing. Imlie takes the phone from Agastya and attempts to convince Vishwa. However, Agastya reveals he was actually playing a prank on her, creating a playful exchange between them. He then playfully lifts her and takes her to the backyard, where Shivani, Avinash, and others are present to assist with the preparation of engagement sweets.

As they engage in the preparations, Sonali enters looking tense. Imlie inquires about her worry, and Avinash returns home, prompting Vishwa and Navya to question him. Avinash denies any issue and walks in. Imlie presents the ordered sweets to Vishwa, mentioning that she completed their order. She deduces that they are the new investors and requests them to reopen the Chaudhry Sweets factory. Initially denied by Navya, Vishwa eventually admits to being the new partners and explains the practical reasons behind closing the factory.

Imlie urges them to reopen the factory, insinuating that it would be a deliberate move to trouble the Chaudhry family if they don't. Vishwa agrees to reopen the factory. As Navya reminds Imlie not to attend the wedding functions, Imlie reaffirms her commitment and walks away. Vishwa questions Imlie's support for those who have troubled her, to which Imlie responds that they are her family, and she would do anything for them.

Navya's family visits the Chaudhry house for Avinash and Shivani's engagement. They bring a gift and reveal themselves as sleeping partners in Chaudhry Sweets, contributing to the reopening of the factory. Daadi and Agastya express gratitude, and Vishwa credits Imlie for convincing the board of directors of Chaudhry family's efficiency in business.

Later, Agastya asks Imlie to join the engagement ceremony, but she feigns stomach ache, causing tension. Agastya informs Sonali about Navya's objections to Imlie attending functions, and he decides not to attend the engagement where his wife is not respected. The family stands in solidarity with Imlie, refusing to attend the engagement without her.

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Now Navya will have to agree to allow Imlie in all marriage functions.

5 months ago

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