It's 'Georgia Rule' in Iss Jungle...

If the latest happenings in Sony TV’s Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao is anything to go by, then the jungle is no longer ‘George’s’ territory. Instead the jungles are better handled by the ‘Georgias’.

Sony Entertainment Television's reality show Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao has reached a nail biting climax with only four very competitive contenders left – Aakash, Anaida, Chetan and Mona. Probably as a treat for holding up on this tough show till now, the contestants were taken for an outing to a nearby village.

Says our source, "The awesome foursome got to visit a nearby tribal village. On reaching the village, the camp members engaged in a number of activities. They also got to interact with the locals."

The tribal people shared with them some survival techniques essential to handle the jungle. Says the source, "The locals taught them build huts by weaving palm leaves together. They also taught them to make fire the primitive way. While all four of them tried their hands at creating fire the old-fashioned way, the girls beat the boys at it!"

If the trend continues, we might surely have a Jungle Queen and not a Jungle king.

Catch Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao tonight at 9pm on Sony Entertainment Television.


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saahr-cute 11 years ago chetan will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!
suruchi123 11 years ago mona should win...bt i think chetan has chance to win...
pooja_l 11 years ago Wow...JungleQueen...Go Mona Go...Win Mona Win
Ashu-n-Sush 11 years ago yesterday's episode was so boring..... anaida shd win
smallwonder 11 years ago Anaida shud win... She is much better a person than all the other three... Mona is such a cheap woman... Aakash - the least said the better... Chetan, no mind of his own and looks like Aakash's mistress...
saaimaa 11 years ago I really want to girl win this challenge! the boys are disgusting>>>>>>>>
khushboo16 11 years ago i think its from when he was in kyunki the very 1st time he was the bad guy
Maiwah-93 11 years ago Look at the pictures on the left 'Related celebrities' MY GOD.
Aakaash looks sooo ...scary =\
desicrowd 11 years ago Cool...hopw its a Jungle Queen...I have a feeling that all these tasks that the local villagers taught might come in handy for the final challenge...
pallavi25 11 years ago I really want a Jungle Queen because the 2 so called guys left dont deserve to win! They have disgraced themselves with their misbehavior and bullying. It shd be either Mona or Anaida as Jungle ki Rani!
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