It's a battle between Central and East Zone...

The war is on between the Central zone and East zone in Kaun Jeetega Bollywood ka Ticket as the girls fight it out this week...

Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket on 9X is surely turning into a boxing ring as everyone out there is ready to punch the other…After the boys played out their round last week, it was the girls who jumped into the ring this time!

Twinkle Bajpai of the Central Zone follows the steps of her partner Puneet Israni this week as she fights back with Panchi Bora from the Eastern zone about the comment made by the latter on her being a nautanki on the sets.

Twinkle’s open remark ‘I do not appreciate anyone’s criticism about me, other than my close ones’ made Panchi upset and the usually smiling actress was seen crying on the sets.

A well-placed source of ours states, “All said and done, this week was not as bad as last week. Basically it was just a misunderstanding which got cleared. Twinkle pointed fingers at Panchi Bora for what she had told her last week and the actress broke into tears. But everything got resolved quickly when the mentors butted in and handled the situation”.

To know what exactly happened, we contacted Twinkle who reacted saying, “I will not tell you anything till you tell me what Panchi told you about the incident!!”.

But this was not the end of misery for Panchi as she along with her partner got eliminated this week! We tried to get in touch with Panchi, but she was unavailable for comments..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Twinkle Bajpai

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I dont like the show anymore because twinkle &puneet are spoiling it! It is a sh*t sow with some terrible contestants. I dont think the movie they are making will be a hit!

15 years ago

It is alright Panchi, we will always love you. This show does not deserve you anyways. I am happy that you are out of this crap, you are too good for this NAUTANKI SHOW.
I never liked Twinkle but now I HATE her so much.

15 years ago

i hope twinkle and puneet get eliminated in the next episode.I cant Bear their nautanki any more.I think.Puneet and twinkle u do not deserve bollywood ka ticket.But u really deserve the award for Best DRAMEbaaz Jodi

15 years ago

i am with panchi,,she shoudnt be eliminated,,bcos she had more votes but they eliminated according to the participants wishes,,its not jay said if she is ur competitor u can avoid her by outvoting.if the directors wanted like this then why r they making the participants to ask for vote..its not fair also it creates fight between participants

15 years ago

I think Mumbai's Machchi bazar is a better place for Twinkle. Television is too good for her.

15 years ago

panchi shouldn.t have made that comment im on twinkle's side

15 years ago

that Twinkle gal is nothing but a bi**h and I will be praying her not to win it stupid gal

15 years ago

Its Kjbkt's loss that Panchi is not part of that show anymore ! And I found this comment of twinkle Cheap To know what exactly happened, we contacted Twinkle who reacted saying, “I will not tell you anything till you tell me what Panchi told you about the incident!!”. Sorry if I have offended any of Twinkle's fans but I seriously found this comment of hers cheap which reflects her upbringing ! So in my opinion neither Twinkle nor her arrogant good for nothing partner Puneet has any rights to comment upon Panchi's background and upbringing !

15 years ago

Panchi need not worry about being eliminated..Infact I think many of us are glad that she is out of this ridiculous show which has nothing but dirty politics...She shouldn't have taken up this show in the first place...Hate Puneet and I never liked Twinkle...Infact Puneet shouldn't have been allowed to continue in the show after what he did in the first episode...He is simply disgusting and the show is INSANE!

15 years ago

I never liked Twinkle and I will never like her! Panchi is a sweetheart and she deserves much better. First of all it was stupid that the production house allowed Puneet to continue when he showed his finger. Is that allowed in a reality show especially when children also watch the show? It goes to show how low this show is because a good show will never tolerate such nonsense.

15 years ago

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