Is it going to be Jhansi Ki Rani V/S Balika Vadhu??

It is speculated that Jhansi Ki Rani, the new periodic on Zee might get the 8 PM slot, which can put the show in direct competition with Balika Vadhu..

Telly Buzz had earlier reported that Innovative 9 and Zee TV are coming up with a new periodic drama on the life of Jhansi Ki Rani very soon. Now we get to hear that the show might be slotted at the 8 PM slot to give a tough fight to COLORS' Balika Vadhu which airs at the same time!!

According to our source, "There is a high chance of Jhansi Ki Rani being aired on Zee at the 8 PM time slot, and it will be a daily. If this happens, then it is all set to give a big 'takkar' to the COLORS #1 show".

Talking on the story line our khabroo divulges, "The first episode will start with a girl of 8 years old who will essay the role of the younger version on Rani Lakshmi Bai. The focus will initially be on the childhood story of the Queen and will later on traverse her journey ahead".

"If the initial response to the childhood story is good, then they might stretch this phase for a longer time. But nothing is finalized as of now", adds our source.

Telly Buzz had also reported that Dolly Sahi who played the lead in Bhabhi was approached for the role of Jhansi. But now, the list seems to be growing as many more names are coming to the fore, and the buzz is that Twinkle Bajpai and Neha Janpandit were also approached for the same role. It is also buzzed that Akangsha Rawat has been approached to play the pivotal character of Moti Bai. 

Well, if the news about Jhansi being slotted for a 8 PM slot is true, then where does this leave Banoo Main Teri Dulhann which presently occupies the same slot?

For all the answers, we tried talking to Ajay Bhalwankar, Fiction Head, Zee TV but he was unavailable for comments.

For now, watch this space for more on this…

Reporter: Rachana Trivedi, Ranjini Nair
Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (21)

that means it will also give tough takkar to raja ki aayegi baraat on star and i agree that shows like BV should be banned coz it is illegal..

15 years ago

Its unfair to compare jhansi ki rani with balika vadu .Both r totally different from each other .Balika vadhu is very close to real life n touches ones heart .No comparison at all...............

15 years ago

Just because child marriage is still practised in little backward pockets of Rajasthan and UP doesnt make it legal. Its illegal according to Indian law and serials like BV should be banned. It glamorizes an illegal, backward, abhorrent, child abusive system. Indian TV shows are going backwards instead of modernizing its content.
Jhansi ki Rani might be a welcome change. Twinke will be a good Laxmibai.

15 years ago

Balika Vadhu is such a gr8 show that it can hardly have any competition !!!

15 years ago

Is it true that Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan is shifting? Hope it will not be at afternoon times then. But the most important thing is that Balka Vadhu is the one and only.

15 years ago

Zee too is irritating nowadfays,
First they Moved Vivaah for Maa and Earlier they Moved Teen Bahuraniyan for Vivaah I think ?? So this is really Irritating me, I earlier did Post comment Regarding KS BMTD Moving to Different Slot ..

15 years ago

Wait, then what will happen to BMTD??? What is happening??

15 years ago

Just to clear a misunderstanding I see a lot of people have... BV is NOT set in the past. It is today, 2009, where child marriages are still going on. Like it or not, its the fact. So pls dont go around saying its set in the past and whatnot, because BV is just passing on the customs of rural India that have not yet died away.

Of course, I dont think BV has any competition with this... BV has, is, and always will be rocking!!!

15 years ago

ok so where does BMTD dulhann go???????????? what the hell??????ugggghhhhhhhh

15 years ago

wish them all the best but competing BV is tough

15 years ago

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