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Interview with Isha Koppikar

An exclusive interview with tall, talented, beautiful Khallas Girl who also won the title of Miss. India, the sizzling item Ishaa Koppikar.

Published: Friday,Apr 20, 2007 00:00 AM GMT-06:00
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If you have to describe the bollywood industry in one word what would it be?

Isha: Difficult.
Any favorite childhood memory you would like to share with us?

Interview with Isha Koppikar
Isha: There are a lot, but what comes to me right now is, I like eating and used to fight with my younger brother. I used to pull his legs and I still do that. I always hide my chicken pieces or my mutton pieces in my right, so that my brother could not pick from my plate, get stuff out of my plate and used to say ‘Maa’ my food is over. I have done a lot of foolish things in childhood specially when it comes to food. I remember in school I use to finish all my friends lunchboxes, they use to get from there home. I did all these crazy things.

Are you still foodie?

Isha: I am but now I am asked my taste buds to chill and keep quite.

If you would not be an actor what would you have been?

Isha: If I was not an actor probably a doctor because I come from a family of doctor and that would have been my next alternative, also I am a student of Life science. I have done my graduations in Life science. So, I think I would have been a doctor.

How did movies happen?
Interview with Isha Koppikar

Isha: I just showed one of my friend’s mom my portfolio I wanted to pick some pictures of myself, something meant to be just happen. I did a lot of films in the south India, a lot of regional film and then khalash happen. Khalash happened in 2002.

Any movies which you wish you would have not done and any movie you wish you were a part of?

Isha: The movie which I wish have not done is not yet released, so thank god but the movies I wish I had done are films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kajal’s role. I would love to do all of these earlier movies like Devdas, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, very Indian role, I have not yet tried. There is one coming Ram Gopal Verma’s Darling where I have played an Indian girl next door, Fardeen’s wife. It is not really as grand. It is not like dola re dola re type, just one girl next door, a middle class house wife. But I would love to do where those saris, jewelries, they are so lovely.

You were awesome with Shahrukh Khan in Don, so how was it working with him?

Isha: Great, Shahrukh has got a great sprit and he is always full of life. There is so much to learn from him. I could have learned a lot from him; but in one film what can you learn as I didn’t have that big role. All I would say that I love his rest, I love his vigor. I love the fact that even though he is the Badshah of bollywood, still stay so committed to his work. He is so professional and is always eager to learn more on the set or to do more. I just love that about him. He is a child. He is full of life.

What do you do in your free time?

Isha: I have a lot to do in my free time. I have lots of friends. I love dancing, music, and watching movies; love to work out, practice marshal arts. I am a Tycodo red belt. So, do a little bit of tycondo whenever that I can. Practically I do tycondo, so when ever I get time I call my teacher, he comes home and we do like an hour or half practice. I would have dare for my black belt very soon if I get the time to practice.

Interview with Isha Koppikar
How much do you work in a day?

Isha: Normally shifts are from 9 to 6, then 1 ½ shift is from 9 to 9. Generally we work 10 to 12 hours a day. In a month practically we work 25 days but April is little weak. It is not that consistence; it is not that every day or month you are busy working. No you have a few days off but you choose to do other things like giving interview and all. When you are working you don’t want to do all these. So in our free time we give away all our interviews and all your pending work which again keeps busy.

How do you feel where you have to do a scene where you have to slap your co-star. Can you share any such experience and conversely, how do you feel when you have to be slapped by another?

Isha: Sometimes we have to fake a slap infact most of the time. We go very close to the cheek but we don’t actually hit, but there are times when you might just hit the guy and the guy is like “mai is ka badla jarur luga or lungi” whoever it depends. But then all these kinds of facts, little things keep on happening. Of course I have been slapped by a south Indian actor Naga Arjun and not once 14 times because to get the right expression as mad as he sound or I am I told him no, no you can slap me. He was like are you sure? I told ya ya I am going to give the right expression. After that I promised myself that girl now please act, don’t ask anybody to slap. My cheek was all num by the end of it. But I have learned now.

What was your funniest moment on any set and who do you enjoy being most on the set?
Interview with Isha Koppikar

Isha: Funniest moment was on the set of Kya Kool Hai Hum because I have really enjoyed doing that film. Every day I use to practically laugh on something or the other. There is one song where Tushar has fallen on the floor flat. In that he is running ahead of me and I am trying to catch him and he slipped on the floor 180 degree that was really hilarious and you were not suppose to laugh. It’s very bad that when you fall and somebody laughs, but you can’t help, it’s embarrassing at the same time. Tushi is very sweet, sweetest people I have ever met. He is a nice boy. I loved working on that set. I love working with Ritesh, Tushar under the same set up again. I am sure they are making up Kya Kool Hai Hum part 2 what I have heard.

What is your biggest inspiration in acting?

Isha: I haven’t been offered as yet, so I have not thought about it but if something interesting comes up why not. I think TV is also very cool to do.

You have been watching lot of American serial so do you ever watch any thing on Indian TV that we have right now?

Isha: Biggest inspiration always drives to do more. I am never satisfied; I always feel I could have done better. I guess that is what keeps me going, I want to try new things to experiment, and wanted new roles. When ever I watch somebody else I feel, infact all of us when we watch another actors we try and fit our selves in the role which the other actor is doing and check that how would I have done this, would I have done this better. So, competition definitely keeps you going. Everybody wants to be the best.

Did you ever think that khalash would be so big?

Isha: No I never thought that khalash would be so big monster but it was. Probably I rose with khalash. There are a lot of advantages, I only got songs and I was with only item nos. I was not only for that.

How difficult has been bollywood to you?

Isha: Bollywood is a big struggle especially for those who are not from the industry, those who don’t have filmy background. You have to prove your metal at every step and your analyzation could be differently because you are not from the industry. If you are talented then, god is great he will give you the opportunity. You should have the determination, the spirit to fight.

Is there anybody who has inspired you in such a situation?

Isha: No, Nobody. I am not being inspired by anybody accept from a couple of friends.

Interview with Isha Koppikar
How has become The Isha Koppikar changed your life?

Isha: No, nothing has change of my life. I am still the same. I still do the stupid thing that I use to do and enjoy my freedom. Except from a few places like in Bombay everybody is cool. In Bombay, most of the actors live, so people are like use to see bollywood actors around and when you go at the other part of the world or the country there is a chances of getting more particular. There you have to be a little bit careful, you can’t really move so freely but I love the name I have. My parents feel proud about me and it’s nice when your parents feel to be known as Isha Kopikar’s father. I said no I like to be calling your daughter. My dad is a doctor. It’s nice when you make feel your family proud. My friend’s are proud; to have a friend like me. I have all friends 10yrs, 12yrs, and 15yrs. I have all old friends. They are the one to keep you in your roots. They are like “aree udo mat wapas jamin mai aa jau”. I have a great bunch of friends.

You have to sing a song for us?

Isha: Hum Ko Malum Hai Ishk Masum Hai...

Do you have any msg to give out, anything special that you want to tell us?

Isha: All I want to say is for me, Isha Koppikar the person I am to live life what keeps me going is love and I am really touched to see all the love getting from the fans right from there and I am definitely not going to disappoint you. You guys are definitely going to see much more of me and God bless you all and thank you so much.

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