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India's Got Talent 5 - High on emotions and Outstanding!

A multitude of talent is on display in this show of skill, perseverance and aptitude. While the daredevil stunts leave you gaping in wonder; some of the acts make you go all teary eyed bringing a lump to your throat!

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India's Got Talent 5

Saturday - Sunday from 9 pm to 10 pm on Colors

Produced by Fremantle India Productions

What is it all about -

India's Got Talent 5 is a reality show for common people from India who have unusual skills and who come over to highlight their talent. There is no age limit and people from all over India in solo or group can perform and compete to win the title and the prize.

What works -

The contestants! They are the best amongst the lot of reality shows we see on air these days. These is a farmer, tailor, teacher, accountant, hospital attendant, students, make-up artist amongst many others who want to do excel in something other than their profession and are making the most of this opportunity. Maybe because there is a plethora of shows on Indian Television which focus only song and dance but here we have singing, dancing and other creative skills along with stunts on display. The back story of many of the contestants too is quite interesting and pulls at your heart strings when we see it on screen.

So along with a cute, fat boy in the first episode dancing to Salman Khan numbers we also have the stuntbaaz Balram who set his body on fire before jumping off in a swimming pool along with Bhawna, the sensuous dancer from Tollywood who did a sensational pole dance. The show has now had six episodes on air and along with superb solo acts there has been an excellent team effort in various unusual group performances too.

The most impressive performances till now have been that of the ever hopeful one legged Shubrit Kaur's dance, the 3 year old chhota packet Sarika Bijli's performance, Sanjay Kumar the farmer who did a remixed MJ version, the magician Hassan Rizvi, the balloon act by Sarvanna, the UV act from Silver Steppers, the stunt man by Sunil Kumar, the Star Guides group of blind boys from Victoria Memorial blind school in the category 5 - 17 years of age who did the pole Mal-Khamb amongst many others.

We also like all the three judges who appear to be fair and sweet to the contestants and have uniformity while making the decision. Malaika Arora Khan comes across as the yummy mummy who understands what it means to have little kids practice and perform, Karan Johar is forever encouraging while Kirron Kher who has been in a judge in all the previous seasons of the show is the best amongst the lot! She is visibly scared and upset while watching some of the dare devil performances but that does not hamper her judgement as she excitedly claps her hands or frankly says no' when the need be!

The hosts Mantra and Bharti Singh have excellent comic timings which suit the show. While we have always seen the funny side of Bharti, here even she is biting her nails and gets emotional when she sees any unusual performances. We also like the last bit in the show which has the uncut version of what the judges are doing when not shooting. It is just raw footage of couple of minutes wherein they are singing or generally pulling each other's leg but it is fun to see them do so!

What doesn't work -

Actually, nothing but since the show is all about talent they should try to keep the sympathy factor a little low so that there is equality between all contestants. In fact in almost all the talent based reality shows we have disabled contestants which is a good way to boost their morale but with no offense meant if there are so many of them then someone should have a separate show for such contestants.

Many shows need the Bollywood touch which works for the films getting promoted as well as for the show and here too we saw celebs like Madhuri Dixit, Remo Fernandes and others coming in but even without them the show can leave a distinguished mark.

Our take -

The show has been getting good ratings on the TRP meter and is popular with the mass audience. We are still watching the auditions wherein the judges are giving them a yes or no for the next round and given the nature of contestants the final rounds are going to be nail biting. As it is when we watch some of the performers it is not unusual to get goosebumps and tears in the eyes to see all the struggle that these people go through. It brings to fore exclusive talent from small towns of India, people from humble backgrounds who despite all odds and difficulties manage to pursue their passion to reach this stage.

This is one show you can watch with your family and feel proud of each and every contestant. In fact, children from metros who get all things easily and are becoming increasingly lazy as they engage in inane activities need to watch this show just to see the real India and the confident talent that lies within it! Like the judges have said time and again on the show seeing the struggle of some of the contestants will make each one of us a better person.

Seema Khot Mattoo

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