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In Conversation with Sumit and Kumkum...

We talk to the duo about their journey in Kumkum Pyaara Sa Bandhan...

Published: Friday,Mar 06, 2009 19:53 PM GMT-07:00
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The duo of Hussein Kuwajerwala and Juhi Parmar entertained viewers for seven long years with their Pyaara Sa Bandhan. We saw them live life in the sweetest ways possible, we saw them dying together and being reborn to unite again, we laughed with them, cried when they were sad, longed for them to get together whenever they were seperated.

Now as Kumkum Pyaara Sa Bandhan on Star Plus reaches its climax, Telly Buzz had an exclusive conversation with the lead actors...

In Conversation with Sumit and Kumkum...
Kumkum is ending on 13th March.. How does it feel now?
Sumit: Obliviously nobody is happy, but the truth is that one has to accept that the show has to end one day. I'm happy that people loved us, thus the show ran for 7 long years. I would like to thank all my fans for the same, as we are proud that this love story was appreciated by the audience. The unit was same from start to end. I know its difficult for fans also, as even they must have been habituated to switch on their TV sets at 1. I feel TV also would automatically get switched on at the time of Kumkum (laughs).

Kumkum: Kumkum is an important part of my life. It was like I thought Kumkum will never end as I was habituated and it was a routine. I thought it will remain forever but then all good things have to come to an end. This show will remain close to me as I have fond memories, professionally and personally too. I have made a new family and will miss them.

Kumkum has been on air for 7 years. How has the journey been like?
Sumit: The journey was good and even today when we look at the good old pictures from the album, we think of how we used to look. I was like ohh I looked like this, I uses to wear such costumes etc (grins). This feels that it has been long. I will really miss the time spent with my on screen family, the chat we used to have during lunch time and also the dabba sharing. In this journey I got married and now even Juhi has tied the knot.

Kumkum: It was memorable. There are so many ups and downs in many shows, but Kumkum has not seen so many downs in this journey. The best part of our show was the unity amongst each other. It was a beautiful rapport.

When the show started, did you think it would be so popular or that Sumit Kumkum as characters would find such a huge place in the hearts of fans worldwide?
Sumit: Which ever show we start, we don't think that it will be a hit show initially. We just want a good show and then it becomes a hit automatically. People started liking our jodi and then the rest followed. The audience has given me lots of love and I'm grateful for that.

The reel life wife & bahu turned to real life wife & bahu.. How does it feel?
Kumkum: Its a different feeling as in the serial, you know you are acting but in real life its different and nice too. But at the same time I feel ajeeb as you have a habit of living a particular lifestyle and I had been staying alone here. Then things suddenly change, so the feeling has not completely sunk in that I'm actually married.

Which has been your most memorable moment?
Sumit: Memorable incidents have been many in these years, but it's difficult to point out one as such. We used to have lots of masti with the family. Yes I will miss those days of Holi festival on the sets. Especially during this fest we all used color everyone including the unit and had lots of fun.

Kumkum: There are many, as we had so much of fun and masti and till date are having so. Some incident or the other happens every day and then we share a great laugh together.

In Conversation with Sumit and Kumkum...
Besides enacting Sumit/ Kumkum is there any favorite character / actor whom you would miss the most?
Sumit: We both have grown as actors and shared a great comfort level. I have done lots of scenes with Juhi, so definitely will miss her, but with that the person I will miss most will be my grand parents and parents from the show. The performance of each actor was good and when all of us were in one frame, the scene always turned out to be good.

Kumkum: Favorite character without saying is Sumit as it was like a ram sita jodi. But I liked Dada and Dadi the most and will miss them a lot.

Sumit, is there any story track in Kumkum that you did not like?

The leap in the show, when I and Juhi became parents. We did not enjoy that at all. I personally feel taking a leap was not good, but then at the same time the trend was going, so may be they decided to go for it.

Kumkum, what has Sumit taught you in this journey?
Well he taught me of how a good husband should be and now that I know, I will tell Sachin to be like one (grins). With that he also taught me how a good wife should be and I will personally see to it that I become one.

Any message to your fans on India-Forums?
Both: - We will miss this show as much as you will. All we can assure is that we will be here in this industry and will come with a new venture. All we need is the same support and love from you. Thank you so much.

To watch the Telly Buzz Video Interview of the leads, CLICK HERE.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi
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sanchita garg @sanchu4huju 11 years ago hey,,plzzz come back ur fans cant live wthout u (huju)
love a llot plz come back
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-PrinKa- @-PrinKa- 14 years ago i miss kumkum i was just watching the kumkum scenes just after the leap the Dhruv Sharman Ashka Sumit n Kumkum Ones they were so kewl i can't believe it has ended it feels like yesterday when the 5 new kids entered the show i have literlly grown up with this show i was like 8yrs old when it started and i had just turned 15 when it ended miss u loads kumkum plz come bk on star plus!!!!! (K)
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nazia @plsdontendkumku 14 years ago pls i request you agian start kumkum .kumkum is best
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Rahila @Rah_HuJu 14 years ago Awww they''re both so cute...the absence of Kumkum will leave a huge gap in my life, but as HuJu say, we have to accept the fact & go on...so I wish them both the very very best in their lives...I am keeping my fingers crossed that they''re signed together for something new soon...
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munyr123 @munyr123 14 years ago I will miss kumkum very much. Its extremely sad that kk is going to end. Just like Juhi said, I also that thought ki kumkum will never end as It had become routine watching kk and enjoying it. Its very sad that kk is going to an end. KK is the best show produced by Star Plus.
I just hope to see Husein Juhi again together in some new serial in leading and interesting roles. Good luck to them and thanks a billion to Hu Ju, and all kk team (Special thanks to AP).
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radhika_21 @radhika_21 14 years ago thanx...i''m really gonna miss them!
wish them both all the best!
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priya nenwani @cutesweet_priya 14 years ago i hope dat someone take both su and kk again in their show as their lead couple and will obviously love to see them together
wish them all the very best
god bless both of them
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pwincess kanzi
Kanzy @pwincess kanzi 14 years ago awww cho cute! bt its true, a show is a show n it ill end some day or oder! i lll miss dem a lot! hpe dey hve a bright life ahead and dey r bck wid anoder show wid dem 2 as a jodi!
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Sonia @Skb3 14 years ago thanks alot, wow 7 years!!, they had a good run hope to see more of them in the future, awesome series
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* Unnati *
* Unnati * @* Unnati * 14 years ago Oh Hussain Juhi!!..We''ll miss u..
God bless u both & hopefully we see u doing a show together again..
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