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In Conversation with Ali Asgar and Kashif Khan

An exclusive conversation with the winners of the first season of Comedy Circus!

Published: Sunday,Sep 09, 2007 12:57 PM GMT-06:00
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The TellyBuzz Team brings to you an exclusive chit chat with the winners of the first season of Comedy Circus. A heart felt conversation with Ali Asgar and Kashif Khan, where the comedy kings talk about their journey of being in the reality show, along with a special note for the people who've been with them in the roller coaster ride...

Your comments on Winning the first season of Comedy Circus:

Ali: Who wouldn’t be happy winning such a prestigious title? We have won the first title of Comedy Circus, we worked really hard. Initially when we heard what comedy circus is about, we took it very casually, but after the first performance, we understood that its not easy, because Kashif and I didn’t know each other

Kashif: Yes, we had different styles, and we needed time on merge both the styles

Ali: Exactly, after the first few episodes, we understood each other, and got to hook on to each other’s style. And by God’s grace we were on the right track. It was even the Judges comments that helped us improve.

Kashif: We took everything the judges said, every seriously. We learned a lot from the feedback they gave us. And made sure that we improvise in the next act.

So, this was like a classroom for you?

Ali: Yes! We were like students. On the behalf of Kashif and I, I would like to comment that this show has been like a university, where we learned a lot, and took every performance as a test. Like Mr. Johnny Lever said, that this is a course that every actor needs to take at some point. I would advise the next season participants to make sure they learn as much as they can from this. Right Kashif?

Kashif: Absolutely. See this is a different kind of show. One here has to go with the flow, during the act, even though we had a script prepared at first, yet we didn’t know how things might fall in the place with the opposite person.

Ali: Like Akshay Kumar says, - Buss, life mein eek hee take milta hain. There were times when we were nervous, we forgot lines, but he made sure we did our best.

Kashif: In life, only when you want to learn does success come to you.

Ali: Wah Kashif Bhai, kya baat boli hain apne (Laughter) You know, I am honestly really lucky to have a partner like Kashif. Before the show started, we were just assigned each other, we didn’t get to choose. But I'm so glad that we worked things well between us. Until the Soni-Mahiwal performance, we both were trying things out, and its only after the performance, and after we got our first 30, did we realize what was going on, and then we both just hit it off well.

Kashif: Yes, that is when our chemistry clicked

So, can one say that Soni-Mahiwal your lucky charm?

Kashif: Oh yes, That was our lucky charm, and if you ask me about performance wise, I also liked the casting-couch show

Ali: (laughter) yes, that was hilarious. But my personal favorite was the one with Gabbar. I still get goose bumps when I think about the statement made by Johnny Lever that - "Even I wouldn’t be able to do Gabbar this well..” hearing this was like the biggest award one can ever get. I mean, being judged by him is an honor in its self.

Kashif: Offcourse, no doubt about that…

Who were your toughest competitors?

Ali: This was not like a typical competition, everyone were excellent. Swapnil was just too good.

Kashif: See, this was like a one day match, where u either hit it or miss it. And here the competition is more with your own self than anyone else.

Ali: Well said Kashif, here, we improvised a lot. I truly feel like after this show, I have opened up well. In a regular show, the director just wants to finish this episode and pack off and leave, there you just say our dialogues, you your self laugh over it and that’s it. Here you have a live audience and you perform in front of them, that’s like a whole different experience.

Who have played the biggest role in your victory?
Ali: A lot of people, trust me, there are so many people to thank. Most of us, our families

Kashif: Yes, our families have been there for us, and have been praying for our victory.

Ali: Yes, my mom was so worried, and even Kashif’s mom too. They have been praying for us from day one. And when I called mom, and told her that we won, she broke down on the phone. Even our wives and family members, were all just there for us. We use to be in the same rehearsal phase when we went home, and our family members copped up with that. I still remember, I didn’t tell you Kashif, but this other day I was in the car driving after our rehearsals and just practicing the lines, and people were starring at me, that this guy isn’t on the phone, then who is he talking to? Then one guy screamed from the car saying that are you practicing your lines? (laughter)

Kashif: (laughter) Those rehearsal days! Well, as we were saying its definitely our mothers and Allah that we need to thank for this

Ali: Without God’s grace we wouldn’t be here. And honestly, there are a few people who kept us going and who played a major part behind the scenes.

Kashif: There were Dharam Pal and Mohan who were our creative heads. They kept flooding us with ideas.

Ali: and even there were a few people in Pakistan who kept sending us new ideas.

Kashif: Yes, they were truly helpful to us, I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart

Ali: You see the oneness in the world? We have been getting help from the other side of the border, this truly means a lot to both of us. We would also like to thank the audience. Without them it wouldn’t be possible

Kashif: Yes, every week when we use to get the feedback from the auddience, it made us feel better.

Ali: And a big thanks to the judges, and even our co participants!

We surely hope the best for both of them, and also hope that new doors open up for the newest Comedy Kings of Indian Television, and the attempt done by artists like Kashif, of making a bridge of team work and friendship between India and Pakistan, succeeds!

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Pictures: Rishi Vyas

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tina srestra @tina_sre 16 years ago Very well deserve...Congrats! to the winners.
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maha @*-Surroor-* 16 years ago They really deserved to win.Congrats to them!
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afreen @-Afreen- 16 years ago thnkx!!! i realy hoped shakeel nd urvashi won but whereva god's destiny lies..!!
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Aditi @adoremevirgo 16 years ago are the names of the participants of next season realeased?
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surveen @surveen_kapoor 16 years ago Really they deserve to win !!

omg am sooo happy yppppiiiiii
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Noor @noorejahaan 16 years ago omg, they were my fav's! im so happy for them for winning!
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Ahmed @Too_Much 16 years ago Really they deserve to win after such hard work
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