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'I'm a strong believer in destiny and karma'- Raunaq Ahuja

On a tete-e-tete with Raunaq Ahuja aka Anadi of Zee’s Do Saheliyan…

Published: Tuesday,Jun 15, 2010 17:48 PM GMT-06:00
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Raunaq Ahuja has been a part of Jyoti on NDTV and Mitwa on Star Plus. Presently, he plays Anadi in Zee TV and Chota Ganpati Telecreations' Do Saheliyan.

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The soft –spoken Mumbai lad tells us he has given up on planning his life and looks forward to experiment in other fields apart from acting.

Over to Raunaq...

How did you get your first role on television?

The usual way, an audition, followed by millions of look tests (laughs).

Did you always wanted to be an actor?

Not really, but I always wanted to be associated with the industry, maybe as a director, or a DOP, or a writer. Luckily got my break as an actor, but I plan to move on to different things once I have achieved the targets set for myself.

If you had not been an actor what profession you would have been into?


What is special for you about your character in Ratna Sinha's Do Saheliyan on Zee?

The special thing about Anadi is that he is a very simple down to earth guy but still has nerves of steel and always speaks his mind. He can stay in control in worst situations and take care of the people close to him.

Can you tell us how Anadi has grown from the initial days of Do Saheliyan to now?

Anandi was more self- sacrificing in the initial days. Now he has matured to understand love and responsibilities.

What is Anadi's main focus in the current track?

His main focus is to try and protect Maithili from Bhavri's schemes. Bhavri is trying a lot to steal the happiness of Anadi's household but he won't let her do that.

Do you feel this big blunder of husband swap can take place in reality?

I feel it can happen in 1974.  In present day , there are very remote chance of it happening.

How is it working with Ratna Sinha's Chota Ganpati telecreations?

It has been an absolute privilege working with Chota Ganpati and Zee and I think of CG more as a family now, than my production house. Ratna Sinha is a very professional producer.

Who are your favorite industry friends?

Akshat Gupta, main lead in Kesariya Balam on Sahara is like a brother to me, Akashaaditya, the writer, is also very close.

Who is your favorite co-star in the show and why?

Both Sulagna Panigrahi and Ankita Srivastava are very close to me, Ankita and I have been working together since we both started our careers.

Interests other than acting?

Reading, football, movies and learning every day. I won't say Films, TV Serials and Cameras kindle my interest, they are my passion.

Any special fetish or habits…

I have a tea fetish, drink that a lot and habits… compulsive disorder of fiddling with things around me.

Do you idolize anyone?

Himangi Kavi Dhumal, a Marathi film actress, for her sheer creativity and brilliance.

Favourite co-stars?                             

Sulagna Panigrahi, Ankita Shrivastava and Himangii Kavi Dhumal, love all three of them!

Favourite film stars?

Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar

Any interest in spiritualism? If yes how?

I'm  very spiritual, a strong believer in destiny and karma.

Are you religious?

Very much.

What is your fitness funda?

Eat only when required, only how much required, eat healthy, work out when free.

Do you diet?


If you get a magic stick that can fulfill any four wishes. What will be your first four wishes?

Enough determination and strength to achieve what I want in life. Happiness for people around me. Rest two, I will keep for the future, just in case.

Issues close to your heart.

Education and opportunities for all.

Are you single or seeing someone?

Seeing someone.

What are your future plans personally and professionally?

Whenever I make plans I end up doing something else. So now I've decided to just go with the flow.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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ronnie85 11 years ago Love U Raunaoq... Want u back on tv soon... Miss u a lot.. All the best for ur future projects.. God bless U..
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shree60 11 years ago Raunaoq if u believe in KARMA, then u must be a good human being...please be always gentleman..all the best
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hir50 11 years ago Raunaoq yes Karma is to be believed and act in real life accordingly so that God bless u in abundance...All the best...
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frenz4u 12 years ago Want to read more such interviews of yours.............
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ser10 12 years ago hi Raunaoq ......gr8 interview......would love to see more of Abhay......luv u ......
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my-dreams 12 years ago hello Raunaoq come soon in new serial.........missing u .......missing DS.........:)
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frenz4u 12 years ago Hey to read ur interview again & again............
Missing U........Missing DS.......Missing Anathali
Cum soon in a new serial with Sulagna.......PLZZZZZZZZ
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truerose 12 years ago He is a goodlooking and honest guy...lucky girl whoever he is dating.By the way Raunaq,,,even i have a tea fetish...!!!
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music2ooo 12 years ago luv u Raunaq....u r gr8 actor.....luv u Anadiji.....luv u Pavan....
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krishnapreet 12 years ago Raunaoq u r the best.......all the best for u......
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