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“If Not for Salman, I Don’t know How we and Our Families would have Survived”, Says FWICE President, BN Tiwari

FWICE President, BN Tiwari Reveals how Salman Khan has Saved Thousands of Lives amid the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown...


Courtesy : Salman Khan Team

Ever since lockdown was imposed due to the ongoing pandemic, a lot of people across the country started facing financial difficulties even in the entertainment industry. 

Since then, Salman Khan has been proactively and consistently providing people with food supplies, other essentials and even financial aid. 

While helping people in need is something Salman Khan has always been known for, with all his work with Being Human, this time around the pandemic has had such a massive impact that his help has saved thousands of lives together. 

Throwing light on how Salman Khan has been supporting the people of his industry, BN Tiwari, President of the Federation of Western India Cine Employees(FWICE) shares, “We had given him the final list of 25,000 workers so far, who were in dire need of financial help. He has been transferring the money to them in installments as he doesn't want people to misuse it. We are thankful to him for helping our workers. If not for Salman, I don’t know how we and our families would have survived.”

Apart from ensuring food supplies reached multiple villages around his farmhouse, the actor recently also donated 1 lakh bottles of FRSH hand sanitizers for the Mumbai Police. Salman is currently at his Panvel farmhouse but is making sure to help as many people as he can in this time of crisis. 

It is because of his philanthropic nature that Salman Khan resides in the hearts of millions of people and has an unprecedented army of fans.


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maaneet4evr 1 months ago salman has money, so he is giving.everyone who has money at some point give that for charity! not a big thing!! :) let justice prevail.
Tippy-top 1 months ago Salman Khan now you can't brainwash general public. At places you can be right, still the public is not going to trust you. Sushant's soul has completely destroyed your image for the good of general public on whose money you eat food. You eat food from common man's money.
Tippy-top 1 months ago How much you try, these articles are not going to work with general public. There are millions of sick minded and bad people on this earth who are engaged in charities. Too much money and pressure from the Almighty that can scare anyone with too much money to donate a part of it to the required people. I mean to say bad people too can do charity work and help people.That's so common. Their destinies put pressure on them to donate money...too much money comes from wrong it can be easily add to the image of these celebrities.
zee112 1 months ago It is crystal clear that this is a PR stunt to clean Salman's image.
Rosalinesak 1 months ago Now everyone has to bear this PR tactics of cleaning his image. So many others who are not so rich like Sonu Sood did more than this.
phadukaran 1 months ago PR agency out to clean the linen, by what Salman khan have done, but there are many film stars who did same if not more. No one is questioning his charity work, but that shouldn't be used as tool to wipe his wrong doings.
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