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IF I WAS with Benaf Dadachandji

What if Benaf was...find out for yourself!

You've seen her as the bubbly and outgoing Baby in the popular serial, Baa Bahu aur Baby. After her special birthday bash, Benaaf Dadachandji, aka Radha "Baby" Thakkar, has kept her viewers smiling and laughing in the serial. Now, it's time to put her on the hot seat and answer some Rapid Fire "If I was..." questions.

If I Was the president for a day: I would do what Anil kapoor did in the movie Nayak.

If I was a Bird: I will fly off to explore space.

If I was not an actor, i would be: A copywriter.

If I was to get one whole week off, I would: travel, travel, travel.

If I was asked to do one thing without thinking, I would: Walk without chappal.

If I was to have a family like BBB,I would: Find a guy in that family and settle down right away (giggles)

If I was like Aishwarya: I would gel with Salman!

If I Was remaking Sholay: I would dance on Mehbooba.

If I was to get the choice of becoming one celebrity, I would become: Oprah Winfrey.

If I was to be an animal: I would be Oprah Winfrey's or Ambani's pet so that I can be pampered like a real pet!

Well, she not only has some great choices, but she is truly bindaas too! After answering these questions, viewers and fans still cannot deny what a sweet and cute person Benaaf is. We wish you all the best in Baa Bahu aur Baby, and we're sure you will continue to keep us glued to our seats!

Reporter: Minnie
Author: Ammu
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shakta 2007-11-13T09:17:41Z I do not know her But i like the answer
diyafah 2007-09-29T01:36:05Z Her Answers r soo witty!=D
..She's really good in BBB
jennik 2007-09-20T12:42:12Z hi u r really very sweet n cute i like ur style u r awesome i m ur small fan luv u byeee
shweta1 2007-09-17T06:08:14Z u rock baby we all love u a lot.........
Salmanayesha 2007-09-02T13:54:50Z Assalamalikum


We wish Benaf all the best in Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, and we're sure you will continue to keep us glued to our seats!

Best of luck for ur bright future......


remixrulz 2007-09-02T09:38:26Z awwww....shez sooo cuteeee...luv her even more n shes got some gr8 answers thr...esp family like BB one..
kimmu 2007-09-02T07:56:58Z Aww... shes soo cute.. a really baby lol.. thanks for the article!
yogesh_gaurip 2007-09-02T03:38:41Z love u baby u act really good! keen on rocking benaf!
~*puja*~ 2007-09-01T23:45:45Z funny and totally innocent answers ... but i love the aishwariya Q&A!
hiral_anju0930 2007-09-01T23:31:57Z nice answers...
copy writer eh? interesting...
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