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'I will be the next Aditya Narayan' - Aditya Narayan

Wanna know Aditya Narayan's views on SRGMP contestants, about his aspirations to make it big in Bollywood, then check here...


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After Sonu Nigam and Shaan, its Aditya Narayan who has hit it off as the most loved host on Indian television. We talk to aditya about this upcoming projects, his views on the contestants, and more. Read on

As level of competition rises in SRGMP, who at this point you think will bag the winning title?

Aditya: This is a tough question. All are just so amazingly versatile. Mouli is great performer, Raja, Joy all are awesome singers. They all are good in their own ways. They have their different shades of strengths and weakness, and with each performance they improvise and do better. At this point it would be hard to choose. I’m honestly not trying to be diplomatic (blushes) but yea, they all rock!

Sonu nigam hit it off with hosting SRGMP in its earlier days, followed by Shaan. So are you the next Sonu or Shaan in the making?

Aditya: I don’t know about that, but I’ll be the next Aditya Narayan.

Uditji is the judge on another channel and you are hosting SRGMP, so how do you both handle this situation?

Aditya: (laughs) We tease each other, I keep advocating that my show is the best.

Do you plan to enter films as an actor?

Aditya: Yes I do. Nothing is confirmed yet, I want to make sure that I have a good offer. I just don’t want to do a C grade, and be the talk of town for ten days, and then disappear. I am ready to wait for ten years to get my first break. I am just nineteen, I have ample time.

Are there any projects that seem to be appealing?

Aditya: Well, I am looking into a few projects, nothing is confirmed as of yet. Lets see.

At a young age of 19, Aditya surely has set up great principles for himself. All his fans must be eagerly waiting for Aditya to jump into the 'World of Films' and emerge a Winner there too...

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt


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aamerk 12 years ago u r kl
i m only 15
u think we can make it together
sweet_angel27 12 years ago Aditya narayan I love you sweetie you are an amazing host and i Love the way you talk to everyone and your voice and your dance and your acting skills. Is there really something going on between you and mauli if so she is sooooooo lucky.
kaili_olsen 12 years ago i am the biggest fan of you
i lke your personality and your sexy voice
mmishra1 12 years ago I know your dad very well. He knows our family very well and I met u and ur mom alon with ur dad in NJ at Akbar. Then we found he grew up in Balua and Bhardah, his Maternal grand parents place. Bahut jald Mai unse milne wali hoon. How is he doing some how I lost his phone numbe I will be calling him again after getting number from Paintal Uncle.

God Bless you Beta. Aur kuchh karo ya na karo but Be a Nice human being like your dad.

Luv u with lots of blesing
desigrl27 12 years ago I LUV HIM!!!!!!! Hez soo CUTE, and hez not that much older than me. hez soo hottish cute and sooo sweet.. juss feel like hugging him!
IBserenity 12 years ago :S he's only 19???? that's crazy! I thought he was like 25 or something....
&lt;&lt; HoNeY &gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt; HoNeY &gt;&gt; 12 years ago He is sooo cute and sooo sweet
i love him
i hope he gets his break soon in the movies.
eternal 12 years ago dang he is only 19...he is young but didnt look that young, he is only 4 years older then wait to see him in films..
Yuvika_15 12 years ago well his age is news to me, cos i never knew he was 19, i only knew he was in his teens, he's really young and already winning hearts...i wish him all the best in Bolly...i think he'll surely rock...
prithvi lover
prithvi lover 12 years ago man hees soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
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