I wanted to break the perception of people by being a versatile actor - Smriti Kalra

Talented Smriti Kalra who has been playing diversified characters in the shows, is all set to play an innocent character Neha in Sony TV's Itti Si Khushi.

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Bubbly and fun loving Smriti Kalra who has played diversified roles in the shows till now is all set to play the role of the main lead Neha in Rajan Shahi's new show Itti Se Khushi.

This versatile actor talks about her character, journey in this industry and more.

Let's see what she has to say...

Tell us something about your character ?

Neha is a girl who was in coma for 12 years and when she comes out of coma she finds changes in her surrounding uske liye sab badal jata hai. She accepts the fact and moves ahead in her life.

She thinks that she is going to enjoy all those days she has missed in her life. Neha is a woman who has a heart of child, she is very innocent and does not  know to trick anyone that's what makes her adorable and special from others.

What was the main motto behind taking up this project?

My main motto is that I was looking for a good story and good character. When I came across this I felt the character very interesting and challenging.

Do you relate to your character ?

I relate to my character and think that even I have that childish behavior in me, so I have added my own qualities in this character.

You did 12/24 Karol Bagh, then Suvreen Guggal and now  Itte Si Khushi , so how does it feel doing different characters?

When I did Karol Bagh I had to put on weight, I had to change my style of walking and talking. Later I used to get offers similar to the character I played in Karol Bagh, I wanted to break the perception of people by being a versatile actor. I thought that's how you are going to take me then I am going to show you complete different Smriti. I took a break, worked very hard and lost 30 kgs of weight for Suvreen Guggal.

When Suvreen happened to mean no one even recognized that I am that same girl, that's what I felt proud about me as my hard work was paid off. I have only one funda of my life which is to enjoy and experiment all that comes my way, by playing different characters I get to live the life in a new way every time. So I want to live the life of as many characters as I can and live the life of them.

Then again I took a break of sic months after Suvreen because I was waiting for something very interesting. Many people focus on channel, fame and production but my only focus is to earn respect and love by working hard.

Audience has always seen you in less makeup in the shows , do you prefer that or its just because your character demands so?

I don't like make-up and thankfully all the characters that I have played till now has never demanded me to apply make up. I feel make up is meant to hide someone's kamiya. I actually bow to those girls who can act by wearing make up and high heels because its not easy, I can't even stand in heels for few hours.

How is the experience of working with the ace producer Rajan Shahi?

He is brilliant. It feels great working with him. He gives us our space and freedom, he understands us very well.

Phalguni Sharma


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Kikidramagirl 6 years ago CAn't wait for the show to start! Smriti Kalra, you'll do amazing job as Neha in Itti si khushi
pesi11 6 years ago promos r awesome..good luck smriti ..hope this show goes for a long journey ..i hate sony for having the history of ending every good show in a span of 6-9 months.i wish this could have been on star or zee. atleast they give a yr time
Kaushik.k.RC 6 years ago Smriti kalra smriti kalra smriti kalra..
evry day new articles, news, interviews..
waiting for Itti si khushi...
Its just tomorow..1 day remaining! :D
sujairohit 6 years ago At last an interview of Smiriti kalra after a very long time.Thanks.
Excited to watch you as Neha in Itti si khushi
ekta15 6 years ago The concept is out of box...will give it a try although my taste has never been in same with rajan shahi's shows.
Lets see ..
Best of luck to whle cast and crew.
-Cskluv- 6 years ago she is onee killer performer i cant wait to see her back
.S.A. 6 years ago Great iv . . . All the best. You have done great so far. Hope it continues.
Supernatural_10 6 years ago Wonderful anwsers looking forward to the show...Lots of good luck Smriti Kalra
mizzle22 6 years ago Proud to be your fan Smiriti Kalra..you were superb as Suvreen..
sspoorthy 6 years ago used to watch suvreen gugal
loved it
all the best
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