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I used to get messages that I look like Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries, says Ansh Bagri

Ansh Bagri from Star Plus, Dil To Happy Hai Ji, lets us in his world in a small chat...


Star Plus' Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji is one of the popular shows of small screen. The show has been bagging appreciation for the unique storyline and the amazing star cast. The show recently took a leap and underwent a revamp. Thus we got hold of Ansh Bagri, who is back as Shaan post the leap, and had a small chit-a-chat...

What new things and twists we might expect from the show post the leap?

The first is Rocky having a new look and portraying to be Shaan, it's not a typical daily soap there are different twists like how Rocky will take his revenge. We don't get the script  and we get to know the screenplay a day before so even we are excited when we shoot the scenes. 

Share the difference in characters of Rocky and Shaan.

Rocky was very impulsive, short-tempered, emotion-driven and so he got trapped. Shaan is totally different and he is an improved version, he has a classy swag and knows what he is talking about. Rocky had a different swag. Shaan is well aware of his enemies. 

 Is Shaan similar to Ansh in real life?

Shaan is not connected to Ansh since I am not a poet person, I will have to inspire myself a lot from Shaan. 

The first appearance of you as Shaan post the look gave a feel of Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries. What do you have to say about it?

When I did India's Next Superstar I used to get messages that I look like this guy. I saw the guy and yes there are some similarities and he is a very good actor. I don't know how to react but I take it as a compliment. When people compare you with somebody who is very good and doing great then I think I should take it as a compliment though. I have my own style and he has his. 

Share some unknown fact/s about you.

I am very conservative and simple, I don't party much. I like family time and talking to close friends.
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SnOwfay 2019-04-16T10:06:47Z Wow ansh bagri you really do a wonderful job and portray both characters rocky and shaan perfectly.
But from my view , when he smiles he looks similar to ian
ShadeOfWhite 2019-04-15T21:56:28Z Ansh Bagri is a look alike of Ian. It's uncanny! But as it is said that every person has 7 look alikes, so it is understandable.
Ansh is doing a great job as Rocky in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji. :))
sammy17 2019-04-15T18:01:55Z Many of us say on the forum the same thing, but I find it's only when he smiles that he looks like Ian.
Vishdrmzzz 2019-04-15T15:20:27Z Sorry but not even close to ian
angel_juhi04 2019-04-15T12:13:13Z This character is whitewashed so much. Just to do damage control of sick February episodes, he is now given a oh-so-sad story just to justify whatever sick acts he does in future. For that, another character of a lawyer is butchered. Now that lawyer is falling for the dumb heroine instead of his beautiful lawyer girlfriend who I am sure will be turned into a vamp. Rohit and Iris don't deserve this crap show where a creep hero will be be whitewashed at the cost of butchering others. And they are showing the hero entering with different identity with 10 female Israeli bodyguards similar to Gadaffi who was the one of the influent women abuser and rapist. Gul needs brain treatment for showing sick things.2019-04-15 13:36:55
kushigupta162 2019-04-15T10:55:24Z Nice acting ansh
Ur doing great in dil to happy hai hi
Hope u will get more success2019-04-15 10:55:57
Sidminroh 2019-04-15T09:25:47Z I feel so bad for jasmine. She is such a beautiful actress and her make up is being ruined and she is made to look dark so that the hero is highlighted. Definitely jasmine deserves a better guy. How I wish arjit or karan was opposite to her
Shaina_b 2019-04-15T09:24:42Z Yes he does a look a little like Ian and guess what... I don't like either of them!!!

..Kavi.. 2019-04-15T09:02:06Z Other than the wannabe haircut there's not a thing about this guy that could even compare to Ian!
priya185 2019-04-15T08:15:05Z No he doesn't look like Ian
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