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I think I have been very lucky in my career - Uvika Choudhary

Uvika Choudhary interview.

Published: Tuesday,Dec 11, 2007 10:56 AM GMT-07:00
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I think I have been very lucky in my career - Uvika Choudhary
Uvika Choudhary came into limelight first with 'Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj' and then with the television serial 'Astitva'. After a number of ads, she appeared in the big Diwali hit 'Om Shanti Om' in a small but noticeable role. Next up for the Delhi girl is the lead actress role in 'Summer Of 2007' opposite Sikander Kher.

Q. Now that you have done 'Om Shanti Om', what’s next in line?
A. Right now, I want to finish 'Summer Of 2007.'  So, I am concentrating on it at the moment. Few things are in the pipeline but I would like to talk about it after finishing this film.

Q. How was the transition from T.V to films or you always planned things out this way?
A.  Yes it was great because it was unexpected and if you get  something without asking for it then it always feels great.

Q. You have done South Indian films too, what is happening with your career in the South?
A. I am happy doing Hindi films. I would always give preference to Bollywood and then comes South or English films .I had few offers but I want to prove myself here first then I can think of doing one or two South films. As of now I am keen on doing Hindi films.

Q. How has been the 'OSO' experience?ALSO READ: Farah Khan reveals the unseen side of Shah Rukh & Gauri Khan's well-mannered kids
I think I have been very lucky in my career - Uvika Choudhary

A. I will never forget ‘OSO’ as it is a part of my life, not just my career. I spent many beautiful moments of my life while shooting for this film.

Q. Don't you think working with Shahrukh Khan in your first film was a good opportunity as you must have learnt a lot from him?  
A. Yes of course. Working with good people like Shahrukh Khan and Farah Khan is always great; you always learn something from such seniors. I think I have been very lucky in my career up till now as I have always got good work.

Q. ‘OSO’ was widely publicized as Deepika's launch pad, so how much did it help you in your career?
A. See, I didn't expect that I will come into the industry and get a film like 'OSO’. So, whatever came my way was God’s gift. I accepted a good opportunity and did it as fun. It was fun for me. I am still saying that I don’t consider it just as a part of my career. I thought it will be a good experience, not to make my career, establish me or something like that.

Q. Will expectations be high as you are doing the lead role with Sikander Kher in your next film ‘Summer of 2007’?
A. I am just blindly doing hard work. I don't think about the results so much. I am doing my best. I believe in doing hard work and like to work with a smile. I am enjoying the moment

Q. Do you think 'Astitva' and ad films helped you to get noticed?
A. Yes ‘Astitva’ was a good place to learn. Commercials were a move to a different world. It was a different genre. People noticed me in different roles in ads only. If I had not done these things I would not have been here.

Q. People feel that in spite of less reel time, you shone through. How do you feel about this compliment? 
A. I am really happy because at the end of the day what matters is the response of the audiences. I hope that in the future also the audiences will give me good response. I believe that with my hard work I will hear good things from the audiences. The result is in the hand of public and we are here just because of the public.

Q. How has been the journey from ‘Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj’ till now?
A. It served as the base of my career and I can't deny that. My career started from there. My introduction couldn't be without ‘Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj'. It is something very important to have happened in my career.

Q. What were you doing before ‘Zee Cinestars’? 
A.  I was doing a fashion designing course. I was simple college going girl. It was a good part of my life.

Q. Does the politics around disturb you or are you willing to adjust with all that?
A.  I would say there is 100% percent politics whereever you go and whatever you do because I don’t think India can survive without politics. So whereever you go it is there. Starting from school, college to professional life- it is there on different levels. In school you don't feel it so much and in college it is more of fun. And yes politics is everywhere, it is an individual's choice how he /she faces it. Few people are able to tackle it and few people can't.

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