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'I speak my mind out and get into trouble' - Sukriti Khandpal

Sukriti Khandpal, Dr. Riddhima of Dill Mill Gayye talks of her favorites, the attributes of Dr. Armaan that she likes and dislikes and much more...

Published: Saturday,Aug 23, 2008 11:07 AM GMT-06:00
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Daily Soap/Reality Show/Host/Epic: I would like to participate in a reality show.

The best thing you ever did for your mother: I am yet to do something for my mother. But I still remember that I had given her a gold bangle from my first salary.

You are Diplomatic/Frank: I speak my mind out and that's why I get into trouble.

The Character you like in DMG: I like Sister Padma's character; she plays my mother.

Favorite Cartoon Character: Tweety, my little sister relates herself to this character, so I am very fond of Tweety.

Comic Personality on the set of DMG: Ayaaz is a full and full entertainer.

Your favorite Film Director: Ashustosh Gowarikar.

One Quality you would want in your partner: Loyalty

One attribute you don't like about Dr. Armaan: The thing I don't like about Dr. Armaan is that he gets angry very fast. He is very short-tempered..

One attribute you like about Dr. Armaan: The extent to which he can go for the person he loves.

Your idea of a Perfect Weekend: It would be at Lakshmi Niwas palace in Bikaner. It was a palace which is now turned into a resort. It's a very beautiful place to spend your weekend.

One Bollywood Actor you would love to share screen space with: Paresh Rawal. He is a very good actor and can carry out any role.

Similarity between Sukruti and Dr. Riddhima: Similarity (laughs) I think its just the face that's similar I can say between Sukruti and Riddhima.

USP of DMG, according to you: USP of the show is the entire team.

Favorite Memory: It has to be an incident that happened on 31st Dec 2007. I will not tell you what happened, but it was something special..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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priyapiya 14 years ago Good luck for your exam Hansikaa...
All the best 4 the future...
hope u will succeed in watever u will do in the future.
And hope u will become a successful Actor one day..
And happy woman's day every1.
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ArmaansGirl 13 years ago i luv suki! shes such a swthearT luv her! i luv tweety also! but my fav is daffy duck! :p
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-Aliza- 13 years ago i dont like sukriti she doesn't act very well, she doesnot at all portray a sweet and innocent character, which shilpa used to portray, sukriti has changed the character of riddhima, riddhima now looks proudy, selfish, always ready to fight/argue etc., at first riddhima used to be so sweet, innocent and caring but sukriti has changed all that, she makes riddhima look miss attitude.
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Mariha_LoveIF 14 years ago sukriti is cute so i loved to read this article
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tsfme 14 years ago Lol..this is still here.........lmaooooooooooooooooooo
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Who-I-Used-2-Be 14 years ago This place is still alive? :-)

All said and done-- Nice interview, Sukirti.. You go, girl!! :-)

@ DMG -- That Pappu can't dance idea was a mistake..!!

On another note..considering its not a dance show I would prefer Pappu who can't dance to Pappu who couldn't act anyday..:-p
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
dmg2c 14 years ago quite right! we know a very good female candidate for pappu who definitely cant dance. recently a friend of mine relegated her to the depths of hte earth, but she seems to have resurfaced to take revenge on hte earth by shaking it with all might.
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tsfme 14 years ago @King
lolz..does pappu have 2 b a guy?..rofl
I can think of several nominees for dat title
n I haven't seen..Dr Shashikala dance..so have no idea
par he has returned 2 his Maine pyar kiya
Main tera dushman..dushman tuh mera days
So maybe its due to that..lmao
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tsfme 14 years ago @King
yah I'll be waiting..mohan n kabhir..haaye
kya characters hain!..mayb kjo's film could
jst quench that thirst

I love JTYJN!..n lmao Alternate chat club
yah its been raining evrywhere

T'z Armaan..is Shah
He had problems logging in thats why
he used my ID..I didn't want 2 reply to that
but he insisted..btw u can call me Tara if u want
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Who-I-Used-2-Be 14 years ago @ Anu,,,,*hugs* hahahahahh @ Sept rain..I am the one 'lowing' it now..;-)

I had been trying to upload this meow-ratz avi for long but it kept deceiving me..thankfully its up..

hahah..yeah..Lets get this tattooed!!
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