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'I plan to go for a Bar Code tatoo soon' - Faizal Raza Khan

Faizal Raza Khan talks of his unique and different styling taste right here on Telly Buzz...

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What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion means a change in attitude!!

Do you have a style statement or you simply follow the trend?
No, I have a style statement of my own. By nature I am very messy, so that is reflected even in my clothes like I would wear a blazer with a jeans, something different like that!

One Accessory which is always with you?
My watch

What’s your favorite brand in watches?
It’s Omega

Who is your favorite designer, national and international?
In Indian, I like Rohit Bal and Rohit Gandhi and in International I like Versace for formal suits.

Were you fashion conscious right from the beginning or you accepted the trend after stepping into the industry?
Well I have always been fashion conscious right from the beginning, or I can say since childhood. You know as a child, I used to wear designer nappies (laughs aloud).

Any Tattoo or piercing?
Well I have a piercing in my ears and yes I am planning to have a tattoo soon…

So would that tattoo be your girlfriend’s name?
(Laughs) no no … I plan to go for a Bar Code tattoo.

If we barge into your home without prior notice, what will you be seen wearing?
Barge!! (laughs) Well you will see me in boxers and T-shirt.

Which characters of yours have been the most stylish ones?
I think a lot of them were stylish and the one which I think is the most stylish is Sapnil’s character in the show Parivaar on Zee.

Message to I-F fans
Style is your attitude, wear it and show it. Love you all guys…

Reporter and Author: Binita Ramchandani


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desi chic
desi chic 12 years ago Wicked! He's awesome... tfs.

k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan 12 years ago thx 4 artcile.
awe faisu. muaha..... lub ju
desinger nappies. awe. he is 2 much. hahaa
SuperGrl126301 12 years ago WHOA thats soo cool!! I'm gnna get a barcode tat too!
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