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''I have started a new journey after Mirzapur 2,'' says actor Lilliput

Actor M. M. Faruqui aka Lilliput got talking about his upcoming short film, his journey so far, and more in a chat with India Forums. Read our conversation here.

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Popular actor and writer, Lilliput, enjoys quite the popularity and is a known face on the screens. His real name is M. M. Faruqui and he decided to adopt the screen-name Lilliput, taking a cue from Gulliver's Travels. The actor is gearing up for a short film titled Life Is Short, and was also seen in Mirzapur 2. 

He got talking to India Forums about his short film, his journey so far, and more. Read the conversation here.

How was working in Life is Short?

If you work with your friend it is always a pleasure. But this time it was a little more beautiful because it was my own Vikram Razdan, who not only love me but admire me also. One more specialty with this time... it was working pleasure with the girl whom I saw as a little baby girl and now she is a mature actor Tanishaa.

Tell us something about your character and what made you agree to do this?

First, it was not possible for me to refuse this role, because it was Vikram... another reason is that the character was very real to life. Suffering inferiority complex and have to live torturous life attracted me. And there I am. Vikram was confident and Tanishaa was supportive. So I did it.

Is this your short film?

No, I have done one before, but not recognized as this film.

You have been a celebrated actor and been in the industry for years how do you think cinema has changed over the years?

There is a saying... Parivartan prikirti ka niyum hai. Changes have to happen, and it is happening, it will be happening. Cinema is improving... but I personally found that the OTT platform is supportive positively. I feel that not only for actors but most importantly for writers and directors OTT platform is providing the chance to write what they want to write, and for directors, what they want to make they can make. And we can not be dishonest with their work. Viewers are getting fresh subjects to see. The monotony of films and TV serials is broken by the OTT platforms. I want to congratulate them and it will be my humble request to OTT people to maintain this quality of writing and making.

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With new platforms like OTT do you think there is more scope for actors by and large?

I have started a new journey after Mirzapur's 2nd season, which was released before this short film" Life is short". Now waiting for the response from viewers for this film. Hoping for positive results. Doing some film and web series. Let's pray for a good response.

What is your message to new actors?

Who am I to give advice to new actors. They are the new generation... they know their job very well. Only I will request them to be honest with this art. Either it is acting, writing, or direction.

You have surely not had it easy, was there any time you thought of giving up on work and life?

I am not satisfied or happy with my journey in the cinema industry life. I still feel that I am not being liked by the people who make an actor a star, Badshah or king. Those people never look at me as an actor or as a writer, but they looked at me only as a dwarf. And that's why I have not got importance in the Cinema world, media, or high society.  That's because I am unfortunate...  I can't blame anyone. But I am still hopeful that a day will come when I will also be appreciated by every class of society. Hope you will agree with me.


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