'I have just started, and will take things as they come' - Abigail

Abigail, the young protagonist of 9X 'Kya Dill Mein Hai' talks about placing a firm feet in the Telly Industry, before aiming bigger.. Here is the 15 year old in conversation..

Abigail, the new discovery of Ekta Kapoor, is doing the lead role in this new serial on Channel 9x “Kya Dil Mein Hai”.

This girl from Mumbai never thought she would one day be an actress. “No, I always knew I’ll be into journalism”. So how did this happen? “I just went and saw auditions going on. Many rounds were already done and they all had already selected the finalists. I just asked for auditions and they complied. Rest is what you all can see”, says Abigail. She is doing the role of a Bengali girl who falls in love and then gets married to her lover. Then she faces many realities of life which shapes and also changes her future. So how is she finding this role? “Its challenging, but I am enjoying it a lot. I have few Bengali dialogues and that is the part where I really have to work hard as I am finding it tough at times.”

The serial also has Aamir Ali as her co-star. “He is so good, so nice. Infact all are such here, but he is really very nice”,is Abigail's comment on her first co-star. What is the role Anitha Hasnandani plays in the serial? “She is my screen elder sister. She is a very good friend to have around.” Just now, this new actress doesn’t have any future plans. “I have just started. I will take things as they come. Yes, now that I have come into this profession, definitely will keep the big screen as the target. Rest lets see!”

This simple, chirpy, very young, but practical girl from Mumbai still has no big dreams. She wants to get her feet settled into this big Telly Industry for the time being. “Only after that, I can dream big” is what she feels!! We wish her the best, and hope that she gets every success in the industry.

Catch the serial 'Kya Dill Main Hai' from December 1st, every Friday and Saturday at 8PM only on 9X...

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i didnt realise but bout 2 or 3 months back i realised it and she is really really preety and young , MASHALLAH and all da best in d future . :D :D

15 years ago

wow shes so young....but wish her all da best

16 years ago

omg she`s 15??
she dont look like that age...
seems like an interesting story and also love the concept revolving around a bengali girl not because im one too lol... but because there is so many gujrathis, punjabis, maharashtans (not sure how to spell it)...
cant wait to see anita in it too!

16 years ago

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16 years ago

she's only 15...dang my age....!!!!!!!!!!!

16 years ago

nice article..barnali di :)

all the best abigail..Andy is comign back yipeeeeeee :D

16 years ago

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