'I have always been famous among girls' - Manmohan Tiwari

Manmohan Tiwari is back on Imagine after Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, with Jamunia. Here is he in an exclusive chit-chat with Telly Buzz..

Manmohan Tiwari came to the limelight with Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, and now he has bagged a meaty role in Imagine's Jamunia, produced by Yash Patnaik's Beyond Dreams.

Here is Manmohan in an exclusive interview with Telly Buzz, as he talks about his debut full-fledged role, life after Rakhi Ka Swayamvar and much more…

You are an advocate by profession, so how come a passion for acting?
Though I have completed Advocacy professionally, I never started practicing it and during that course too I was doing theatres in Delhi which I continued for 3 years.

How did the offer for Jamunia come to you?
The Channel and production house directly gave me a call to take up the role; I think they approached me after observing me on the show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar on Imagine. They must have found me appropriate for the role (smiles).

The reason for taking up the role - was it the character or the story?
I found the story as a whole very appealing. Above that an opportunity to work with such an experienced cast was something I didn't wish to miss.

You had also done a cameo in Karam Apnaa Apnaa on Star Plus, tell us something about it?
That was just a one day shoot during my struggling period and I had done that even before appearing on the Swayamvar.

What were you doing after working for the Swayamvar and before Jamunia happened?
I got a call for Jamunia three months after Swayamvar came to an end and now we have been working on this serial from past six to seven months. And before starting the shoot we were working on my character sketch so have been busy with the same.

Elaborate on your role in Jamunia?
I'm the only one who is fun loving, flirtish, romantic & loves women. My character is very talkative & lively. I'm Thakur's younger brother Harihar's son.

How well do you relate yourself to the character Awadh Thakur?
A lot I would say, we have many qualities in common except for the flirtatious behavior the character portrays. In a way I could say it's quite similar to Govinda's role in Raja Babu.

You are playing a negative role in the serial, could you elaborate?
No it's not at all a negative role it's quite positive.

How is your experience working with the co-actors?
The experience is quite enlightening, the entire cast and crew is very supportive and helpful. And as it is my debut in a full- fledged role, it's all the more exciting.

You are shooting in Chhattisgarh, tell us something about the place?
The place is very beautiful like any other state in India. The climate though is quite hot right now but the ambiance is amazing. And the beauty of the state can be seen in the serial as we have tried shooting at most beautiful places of the state.

You had commented that the only reason you participated in the swayamvar was to get noticed, and get a break in the entertainment industry.  How true is it?
It's absolutely true and I stand by that statement completely. Because before getting into the Swayamvar I was a struggling actor, and I had conveyed this during my auditions for the Swayamvar too. And then I felt that if Rakhi can do a Swayamvar for her publicity then why can't I.

During Swayamvar season there were lots of girls who fell for you, and even made confessions on your blog. How did you react to it?
(laughs) I have always been famous among girls. And I did receive many messages and thank all the people for their love and support.

What kind of a response are you getting from the audience?
The response has been quite positive as of now. I hope for the best in the future.

This is your second show on imagine, and we heard you are one of their blue-eyed boys. How do you react to this?
There's nothing like that; they have chosen me for the show because they felt the role suits me.

Would you like to do a serial with Rakhi Sawant?
Yes surely if given an opportunity I would love to work with her.

What are your further projects?
My aspirations are high but as of now I'm just working on Jamunia.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy

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famous among girls!!!
really sorry!! but who's he?!!!! whoever he is, he looks really ugly and sick!!!

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who the hell is he???????????????????i havent seen him anywhere ever, and what girls is he talking about, famous amoung girls,or blind girls

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hrithik, srk,ranbir....! plz xplain

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ok guys chill out... i dunno y u ppl r reacting so badly against him :-s.. wat if he was nvr a participant in RKS.. wud u hv reacted de same way???? just coz he ws in rks for publicity doesn mean he's bad..
so chillax..

14 years ago

I think he is talking about girls who are martians! LOL

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all of ur comments r soooo funny..i thought the same..what is he tlking abt..?!? i think hes tlking abt imaginary grls..in his mind hes popular...lol

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What exactly is this guy thinking?????
He needs to be shown a mirror ..immediately!!!!

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