Anupamaa: Food critics find a cockroach in the Biryani served at Anupama's restaurant

India Forums exclusively reveals the upcoming track, which promises significant drama.

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Anupamaa: Food critics find a cockroach in the Biryani served at Anupama's restaurant
Anupamaa: Image Courtesy: Star Plus

The popular Star Plus serial "Anupamaa" recently took a significant leap forward in time, bringing about major shifts in the storyline and cast. Fans were devastated by a surprising twist as Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) and Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) experienced a heart-wrenching separation. The plot centers on Anupama's victory in the Super Star Chef competition, followed by her appointment as Spice and Chutney restaurant co-owner.

The show's recent promo has already stirred up the audience. It depicts reporters and bystanders descending upon Anupama, accusing her of tarnishing the country's reputation. The Shah family watches the news, with Vanraj commenting that he always suspected Anupama's inability to handle success.

In another subplot, Yashdeep accuses Anupama of ruining everything due to her negligence. A crowd approaches Anupama, pushing her down, while another group takes away the trophy.

India Forums exclusively reveals the upcoming track, which promises significant drama. Food critics will visit Anupamaa's restaurant, Spice and Chutney, for an inspection and will find a cockroach in the Biryani. This incident will lead to Toshu being blamed for the mishap.

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Anupama has committed the same mistake which was committed by Anuj.

01. Anuj offers a job to Toshu who has committed fraud in his company instead of allowing him to rot in jail. Which sane business man will do that? And as if offering a job was not enough, Anuj appoints Toshu as in charge of the security which is equivalent to giving the keys of your home to a thief. Toshu steals the most expensive necklace from 1 of Anuj's clients and frames Anupama for the theft. The snake (Toshu) bites Anuj.

02. Anupama who had warned Anuj against offering a job to Toshu, offers a job as a waiter to her criminal, cheater, selfish, spineless and good for nothing son. Anupama knowing very well that Toshu is a snake tries to convert him to a dog, resulting in the tarnishing of the reputation of S & C. The snake (Toshu) bites Anupama and her colleagues in S & C.

Anupama herself is responsible for the tarnishing of the reputation of S & C. Anupama should have killed the snake (Toshu) by herself (Fire Toshu from S & C).

The cockroach could have been found in Anupama's biryani could have been due to the following reasons.

01. Gulati knowing Toshu's weakness (Which is money at any cost) could have bribed him to put cockroaches in Anupama's biryani.

02. Toshu could have influenced Rahul (1 of Anupama's colleagues) and could have bribed Rahul to put cockroaches in Anupama's biryani.

03. Rahul by himself getting furious at Anupama's decision to hire Toshu as a waiter could have put cockroaches in Anupama's biryani and framed Toshu for Anupama's cockroach biryani.

24 days ago

Maa ki jewel beta likely did this. 🤣🤣🤣🤣Maa ki nautanki band kor dena chaiye. Maa should do now bhajan kirtan and ultimately sannash. 🙏🙏😜😜😜OR shut the shop completely.💀💀💀💀

24 days ago

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25 days ago

So they found a poor cockroach to be unhygienic. Hmm what about Anupamaa’s pallu? She wipes everything on that pallu and then COOKS.

25 days ago

This unhygienic place 'Spice and Chutney' should be closed down by the authorities asap

26 days ago

How did Anupama offer a job as waiter to her criminal son? I suspect that the Snake (Toshu) could be behind this.

26 days ago

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