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'I have a small circle of friends' - Vivan Bhathena

Vivan Bhathena takes Tellybuzz’ Quick Grills…

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Do you have a small circle of friends or a large gang?

I have a small circle of friends.

Do you tend to take life lessons from movies?

Yes, at times I do.

The funniest person on this planet.

Probably my little cocker spaniel Champion.

A female celebrity you can't get enough of.

Umm…I'm always curious about Angelina Jolie because she keeps on doing these strange things.  So I guess it's her.

An annoying habit you can't get rid of.

Well, not according to me but my wife keeps complaining that, I don't take her side often. I analyze things and then decide what's right and wrong. But she wants me to support her with eyes closed!

What do you do when you say something stupid?

I try to make it sound intelligent.

Swordfight or Archery?


A product you would never endorse.


Do you take calls when you're in the loo.

In general no.

Your favorite sport.

I've started taking Tennis classes lately so right now that's my favorite sport.

Tea or Coffee?


Best place to go on a vacation during monsoon?


On a scale of 1 to 10 what would you rate your will power?


Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

Vivan Bhathena

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-PrinKa- 10 years ago lol may i knw right like like that one better please change his photo to the one in this article..

PS miss u soo much on tv can't stand not seeing ur face on my tv screen.. (cause we used to watch ur shows in my room with the curtins pulled lights out nd eating popcorn.. lol esp cha.. :(...)
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Yuvika_15 10 years ago nice pic... lol..his comment abt JOLIE was funi
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.lali. 10 years ago great pic! luv u as shashank n luv u Vivan!!!
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
kritika.pratiks 10 years ago It's great that you are enjoying your tennis lessons....But when will you come back to our screens Vivan?
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ROBlicious. 10 years ago He is Married? OMG! Where have i been? lol.

Angelina Joli lol
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dkmystery 10 years ago aww.. such beautiful answers! love this guy...
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yipee 10 years ago aww he is sweet. Love the team of vb, gk and hk
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curry-sistah 10 years ago i miss watching vivan on screen!!!

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Ishradivanluver 10 years ago aww at vivan awsome answers miss seeing him in a show hope he signs a new show soon
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ragzz. 10 years ago Love u Vivaan! and miss u terribly:( please come back with Kritika in some show
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