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'I have a lot of enemies' - Chahatt Khanna

Tellybuzz in talks with Chahatt Khanna a.k.a Ayesha Sharma of Sony TV's ' Bade Ache Lagte hain'

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Chahatt Khanna is a true diva - Beauty with Brains! Tellybuzz got in touch with her to know what makes this beautiful diva click...

Is Chahatt like of any of the characters you have played?

I don't see any similarity in any of the characters I have played. I would love to play a character like me and I have auditioned for some characters which were like me, but never played any of them.

Will you go the Bollywood way if you got the chance?

No, I wont. Its not that I haven't been offered any chance. I have currently 2 offers in my hand and I have been in the past offered big movies with big cast and directors. In movies you have to show skin I believe, and bollywood is not my cup of tea. To make a career in bollywood you have to be political and have to be a game player mind and an attitude that says you will do anything for success, and its not like me. Its not my place, and its very hard to get a movie the plain way, you can go clean for 1 movie but not for more.

There has been a lot confusion about your relationship status recently?

All the confusion was created by us. Half of the news is always rumors, mostly everything. The confusion started with me and Kanan not getting interviewed together.I first said that we were dating but later I said no we were not dating .At the same time Kanan's quote was taken and he spoke something different. There was misunderstanding between me, Kanan and my PRs quote. I also didn't want people to know what was happening in my life, as I have a lot enemies and I don't know why .I don't want to be back stabbed again. At the same time we both had to make our mark in the industry.

How and when did you and Kanan meet?
Our first meeting was at filmcity, we met and exchanged our BB pin. When we first time met off the camera, I fell in love with him with and so did he. This was the first time I ever fell in love with a guy in first meeting.

What do you like and dislike about Kanan?
I like his simplicity, he is very simple and yet very intelligent. He wont show it until you get him to speak. He is very down to earth and a guy next door.I think I am intelligent but he outshines me. Kanan can be hyper and that irritates me.

Is the wedding date set?
Not yet, we had decided something in end of year 12-12, but Kanan has a new show and I don't want to stop him from that. So currently no plans, but it will happen when the time is right.

You have gorgeous hair and skin, how do you manage?
I don't do anything.Its my mom's gift for me. My mom is a Kashmiri from Jammu of dogri cast. So basically its her gift to me.

Any fashion tip for your fans?
Gym is really important in a right way. If not possible then do run or walk, either early morning or night. Its very important for your bones and when your bones are healthy it makes a healthy structure.Also, water is very important, drink lots of water. I believe praying and I do pray for everyone. I believe in eating, praying and loving. The positivity reflects on you skin and aura.

Describe your self in 3 words?
3 words is hard, I would say I am an all rounder. I can cook, play sport,do business, be fantastic at jobs, be a great housewife with cleaning and at the same time I'm a party animal. I am a combination of everything - a complete package..

If marooned on an Island mention 3 things you will take with you and why?
I will take my car, phone and bottle of water. If there is nothing to eat I can atleast drink water for some days and survive. My phone because I can call my close ones and be in touch and my car so that I can rush back home.
Reporter: Nadia Malik

Author : Medha Parashar

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lilmzsunshine 8 years ago oh, are you leaving BALH ... hope not. But at the same time, I don't want your character marrying Ram's ... please take this request of ours to the CVS ... please ...
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madhoo 8 years ago Car on islnad?!! Oh yeah she's beauty with "brains"
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shine_bright 8 years ago She's like an Indian Blonde (:
haa , but she's a cutiee, haha c:
I looove her picture!
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Red_eyes 8 years ago hiii Chahatt u r such a good sister on screen
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fathima23 8 years ago just beuty no brain..just tell that u r not gettin any oofer ,u u r bringin skin isuues,funny n girl get sum brain n actin skill.
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chitloner 8 years ago she definitely seems to be a girl with guts
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rnvdbhavani 8 years ago amazing interview... ur gorgeous n beautiful...
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bewafa 8 years ago You're on an island.
How will you drive away?

If there is a bridge connecting that island to the mainland...then you're not really marooned are you?

LoL, poor girl, didn't think much.

Didn't know she was going out with anyone.

Thanks for the article :)
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TVserialfreak 8 years ago Hope to see some sense in Ayesha's character...CVs have butchered it enough...
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Mistyy 8 years ago she sounds as dumb and annoying as her character in Bade Acche !!
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