'I can watch Karan play basketball a million times' - Shraddha Nigam

The gorgeous Shraddha Nigam is all set to face her set of rapid fires this week...

Most fond memory: Ummm….my most fond memory??? Well I am a forgetful person but I would have to say one of my fondest memories would have to be a little vacation Karan and I had taken to . It was for his birthday and every moment together spent was amazing.

One accessory you cannot do without: I think it has to be my diamond ring. I can never take it off my finger.

If not an actor, you would be: That’s a tough one… I guess, earlier, I wanted to become a doctor, as my dad is a doctor. However, I’m not so sure. i would probably like to be a dancer as I love dancing too.

Your most prized possession: My diamond ring. I gave it to myself as a gift long back.

One Indian TV show you love: Dill Mill Gayye.

Your favorite hangout: A friend of mine owns a lifestyle and furniture store called . I usually go there to hangout. It’s my favorite joint.

Your favorite kind of music: I love lounge music a lot.

You ideal vacation spot: Some mountain snowy place. Probably something like , a very romantic place.

Your favorite sport: See, when I was a kid I was quite chubby. So the only sport I ever played was badminton. I’m not a cricket person either but yeah I can watch Karan play basketball a million times.

Your favorite movie dialogue: rishtein mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hain, naam hai Shahenshah...

The best compliment you have received: A friend of mine used to call me virgin face. She said my face gave the impression that I was untouched and I felt it was the most amazing compliment I had ever received.

If you were the prime minister for one day, you would: Oh, I would make that one day last into many years because there is a lot you need to do for the country. However, in one day, I would probably clean up the country.

One quality you like in Karan: There are too many to count. However, I think one of the most important things that I like about him is that he is very simple and straight up. You know if given a problem, he does not go all analytical and get confused about it but just comes with a simple solution to it. I really value that quality in him.

Lastly, a message for your fans: You know I have this feeling that I have lost many of my fans because I am going out with Karan. (Laughs). They don't like me because I am his girlfriend and I just want to tell them that if they love him, they must love me because I really make him happy.

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AND I CAN WATCH HIM PLAYING BASKETBALL BILLIONS TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

hey shraddha plz dont say th8 u r favourite i really love uyah this is th8 im just 11 years old girl bt u r favourite as weel as karan!
luv u and u make me cry u r so sweet

14 years ago

she is just a sweetheart i dont knw why dont people like their relationship???
she was really good in krishna arjon
best wishes

15 years ago

ooooh... how come i never saw this before??? oh gosh shraddha is sooo sweet! and i realy like both of them together... i dont think its fair tht people hate her coz shes goin out wid ksg! thats just lame.. he loves her.. we shd be happy!

15 years ago

beautiful answers.... may god bless you both!!!!

15 years ago

wait what Karan? Who is she with?
And she is a great person..nice answers!

15 years ago

Aww..like her message to the fans.. Have been her fan since Choodiyan days.. She's a great actress. Love her jodi with KSG! :D

15 years ago

Always been a fan! Would have loved to have her as the new Rida on DMG....

15 years ago

i simply hate karan-shraddha jodi. it can be only A-R karan-shilpa jodi. karan-shilpa jodi is da most kulest couple recent days.

i hate u shraddha not only bcoz karan luvs u bt still i used 2 hate u since u r on TV but i think her last line does make sense.....n i too think karan's fan hav 2 admire shraddha bcoz she is da one hu makes karan happy!!!!

15 years ago

awww i luiv shraddha but i do luv shilpa too more to think of it... and her fan message was just too cute! hehe

15 years ago

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