'I am not able to accept the decision' - Bhanu Pratap Singh

Bhanu expresses his shock over his exit from Indian Idol last weekend... Here is the talented singer in conversation with Telly Buzz..

Bhanu Pratap Singh’s struggle to make it to the top in Indian Idol 4 finally ended last week, as junta voted him out. It was a tough call to accept, but this meant the end of the road as far as Idol is concerned for the very talented Bhanu.

“I did not expect to go out at all. I thought that I would be able to sustain myself till the top three at least, but unfortunately luck did not favor me.  Even now I’m not able to accept the decision, though I still don’t know how to react,” says a dejected Bhanu.

The poor singer is still in shock. “I’m one of the contestants who got good votes from the audience, and judges too have praised me. For me this title of Idol was very important. However, I have not lost any thing, as I know I will come back and start my life all over again to grow further in the same field,” adds the singer.

Whom did you speak to after elimination? “I called my family and even they were not able to believe that I was out of the show. My mother even disconnected the call thinking that I’m playing some prank on them. Later everybody was supportive and I’m really grateful for that,” he quips.

Bhanu had made it to the Galas only in the fourth year of auditioning for Indian Idol.  “I take with me the support and love from the audience as well as the judges. I will miss my friends and this stage, but I am going out with fond memories. Idol has given me a good platform and I will see to it that I use this opportunity to the fullest,” he concludes.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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sad.....but other contestents were better....thankgod he''s out....thanx..!!

15 years ago

he was a good singer par pata nahi bich 2 episodes mein use kya rai chadhi hui thi.

15 years ago

im glad he''s gone, because all he done was crying and as it is he wasnt supposed to make it until he cryed in the piano round and judges felt sorry and gave him a second chance which wasnt fair and anyways everyone suffers doesnt mean you must go around bragging about your suffering period!

no offence to fans!

15 years ago

i feel bad for him, because he struggled a lot
but at the same time, he wasnt so good to become the indian idol, and i didnt like the fact that he left his family education just to become a singer.... i mean get real man, u need a backup degree

15 years ago

Bhano does not know how to SING! the only thing he does know is how to abuse girls verbally and say that he''s the best. I am glad he''s GONE!

15 years ago

hes such a cry baby
lol :P

bhanu ahahhaha lmao

15 years ago

good luck bhanu..... you are good.... just stay strong emotionally and you will go far!!!!!

15 years ago

wish him the best of luck 4 his future!

15 years ago

hes an awful singer..he rly cant sing..n he cries like a baby grow up!!!!!!! get a hold of life...

15 years ago

yea i didn''t like him either!
judges had warned him - saying he needed to improve
Im not sad he''s gone...i never saw him going too far in the competition!
hope he just gets a regular J-O-B at the local hotel..lol or something..
i don''t see him going too far in the music buziness! lol

15 years ago

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