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'I admire Stallone and Arnold' - Jas Karan Singh

Jas Karan Singh, the adorable Dodo in Miley Jab Hum Tum talks about his fitness schedule...

What is the fitness routine you follow as everyday practice?
I don't miss my workouts. I hit the gym at least four days a week. Whenever I have a morning call time for shoot, I hit gym early. If I have missed out on the morning schedule, then I go to the gym at night at about 11 PM. It is very convenient as the gym closes only by 2 in the night, and is again open at 5 in the morning.
Do you follow any regime as far as diet goes?
Yes, I always believe in regimenting myself thro' diet. To have a good body, the right balance needs to be maintained which goes as 60% on diet, 35% on work-out and 5% for the rest of things.
What's your usual diet?
My diet always consists of high protein. I always carry boiled chicken with me to the sets. In breakfast I have juice with white Oats. After 2 hours, I have egg white with a bowl of fruits. For lunch I have Dal, Chapathi and Boiled chicken. In the evening I have my protein shake with fruits, and at night I have a proper dinner that my mom makes for me. I eat lots of fruits and papaya in fruits.
Anyone that you idolize, when it comes to good physique..
I admire Sylvestor Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I got inspired to have a good physique after I saw Sylvester Stallone's body. In Bollywood, I think it is Salman Khan who has the best body. I used to watch his movies just to see how he looks when he removes his T-shirt (laughs).
Can you keep up to this diet plan on the sets as well?
Yes, I don't eat outside food at all. Actually my mom is a trained dietician, so I don't have to worry about my diet as she packs my tiffin accordingly. She knows well what to serve me at what time. I am allowed to eat junk food only on weekends; I don't think about diet I eat everything on weekend.
How much are you crazy about new trend of six pack abs?
This trend is not at all new. I was working out on my body when I was just 16 years old. And at that time, only Arnold and Stallone had amazing bodies. However, I am not at all crazy about having a six pack abs.
Any special tips you would like to share with our readers to help them lead a healthy lifestyle?
Partying is good but don't drink much. Don't smoke as it is really injurious to health. However, it is fine to drink rarely at parties, but see to it that it is not a hard drink. One can have wine though as it is good for health and skin too.
Message to your IF fans on Fitness?
Eat Healthy, and I would suggest that youngsters should not get fascinated over a good body and try to build it up in a fast mode. One of the pre-requisites to good body is regular work-out, and not cheap steroids.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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saahr-cute 11 years ago karan friends are smart as karan!
i like him!
good body!!!!!!!DoDo!
cute_madhu 11 years ago @akki2211

agree wiv u totally
he''s such a sweet heart n chooooo chooooo chweeeettt..
vry vry cute yaar..simply amzin..
love the salman khan wala dia..ROFL
*shilpa*karan* 11 years ago isnt he karan singh bro ? .....cuz he kinda luks lyk him .
k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan 11 years ago he is really cute...

same here i 2 agree arnold n sylvestor have d best body as per me
Dark Love
Dark Love 11 years ago I used to watch his movies just to see how he looks when he removes his T-shirt (laughs).

ArmaansGirl 11 years ago hes hillariosu as an actor! :D he plys dodo so well! lolz n hes allowed 2 eat junk food on weekends..but hes ryt bout da health tihngs! :D
-Mansi- 11 years ago Wow..these days..buliding a body is such a necessity!
smart amy girl
smart amy girl 11 years ago thanx....he''s also awwsum like his cousin karan singh grover..!!!!!
sallu_lover 11 years ago he is awesome man
i love him coz he likes me sallu
ATP2211 11 years ago I don''t watch MJHT, but I like Jas Karan Singh''s comedy in it.

I remember, once I paused at StarOne while surfing through channels when I saw Uday was talking to his dad and was saying ''Mere Ko'' as ''Meko...meko..''...heheh..! Like his humour.
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