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Hrithik Roshan reveals what genre he wants to work on next!

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has had a successful year with his Super 30 and WAR breaking box-office records left and right. The actor reveals which type of projects he wants to work on next…


Courtesy : Hrithik Roshan

Millennial superstar Hrithik Roshan has had a very successful year with both his films performing phenomenally at the box office while also receiving critical acclaim from across all quarters. In a recent interview with a leading daily, the actor opened up about how he chooses films that he wants to work on.

Talking about the two drastically different films and the performance in Super 30 and WAR, Hrithik Roshan shared, “It’s thrilling for me to experiment, take on challenges and follow my instincts when it comes to picking up projects. So, I want to do everything that excites me, action film or not.”

Delivering two stellar performances in two drastically different genres, Hrithik Roshan has definitely emerged as the game-changer of the year. 

The year 2019 has been a fruitful year for Hrithik Roshan with Super 30 being critically acclaimed and loved by the audience and WAR which showcases Hrithik in drastic transformation with a full-fledged action avatar. Recently, the actor shared the transformation video which had broken the internet within no time and inspired all of his fans across the world and the fellow fraternity actors.

Talking about how he switched between both his characters, Anand Kumar in Super 30 and Kabir in WAR, Hrithik shared, “When you are playing two completely different characters, there is a major physical and mental shift. Kabir is a part of me. I have intellectualized him in a way and there is a certain composure, confidence and assured stance he has. On the other hand, Anand is a part that I know will stay with me for long. I'm both of them. I just don't know whom do I resonate with better. But I do understand them both.” 

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