Hrithik meets his look alike in Rupesh..

Hrithik gave out a stunned reaction when he saw Rupesh, a member of Husein's 'Kal Ke Kalaakaar' as he resembled him to the 'T'...

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After enthralling the audience with his Jalwa in Krazzy 4, Hrithik Roshan was shocked to see his look-alike on the sets of the 9X reality show, Yeh Hai Jalwa.

While this was a shocker to believe for the great star, it was a dream come true for the aspiring actor Rupesh Anant Mirkar, a member of Hussain’s 'Kal Ke Kalaakar'. Rupesh who is nicknamed as Hrithik's duplicate by his friends and family cherished every moment spent with the actor and even showcased his talent of acting just like Hrithik.

Let’s see if Rupesh’s jalwa is liked by audience as much as Hrithik! Don't miss the action on 9X' Yeh Hai Jalwa with Hrithik Roshan this Sunday, April 20th at 8 PM..

Author: Binita Ramchandani

Hrithik Roshan

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yourmom 13 years ago i dont think he looks like hrithic ...maybe its just me
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sayanti_ashiuv 13 years ago he doesnot look like hrithik at all..
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HPCRAZY 13 years ago :-)))))))))) Someone needs their eyes tested!This guy resembles Hrithik Roshan to a T? Yeah,right! :-)))))))))
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tupku_stereo 13 years ago Harman Baweja, son of Harry Baweja who is debuting in Love Story 2050 looks very similar to Hritik.
Check this mobile recorded video of a trailor in multiplex.
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Prestigious 13 years ago Hrithik Roshan was shocked?? That's hard to believe. Although Rupesh may have a little resemblance, he is not the spitting image of Hrithik.
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Mehreenie 13 years ago no he does not loook anything like hrithik
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~*[email protected]*~ 13 years ago that guy on seeing his pic i didnt even bother 2 read the article he is so not hrithik's look alike i doh knw where that came from.. if hrithik want 2 find his look alike then he needs 2 keep searchin cuz naaa koi mil gaya lol :>
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spsharmila 13 years ago He doesn't look like hrithik at all.
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ShellyB 13 years ago ermmmmmmmmm no way he sooooooo does NOT look anything like hrithrik
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Servulo 13 years ago yuck...........he does not luk lyk hrithik 1 bit......
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