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'How's it Nepotism if T-Series gave an Outsider like Sonu Nigam His first Break?' Divya Khosla Kumar Makes a Solid Argument!

Divya Khosla Kumar has made some strong arguments yet again to rule out Sonu Nigam's allegations against her husband Bhushan Kumar and T-Series...


While the country is still mourning the loss of the talented artist, Sushant Singh Rajput, many are taking advantage of the situation and creating several controversies. The recent controversy happens to be of singer Sonu Nigam and Divya Khosla Kumar.

As reported earlier, Sonu made several allegations against T-Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar, accusing him of being a part of the music mafia who prevent talented outsiders from making their mark. Bhushan's wife and ace filmmaker-artist, Divya Khosla Kumar, took the argument and head on and proved all of Sonu's allegations wrong in her video that she shared on her social media accout.

At a time when T-Series has turned out to be the biggest music channel in the country, backing several artists including singers, music directors, performers and lyricists, alleging that they indulge in nepotism is a completely baseless claim, shares Divya.

She further points out that the company has also given a chance to industry talents who have proved their worth in the music field, they have also not snatched away the opportunities from outsiders who deserved it.

"The T-Series family has given opportunities to 80% of the artists today. The 20% who we haven't been able to give work to are complaining. But it's impossible to give each and everyone a shot and people should understand that."

Further, cementing her argument, Divya shared that it's very strange for them to see how Sonu is blaming Bhushan and the T-Series family of promoting insiders and nepotism when they were the people who gave him his first break. Divya made a solid argument and revealed, "Sonu Ji, you were singing in Delhi's Event for 5 rupees. Gulshan Kumar spotted you and got you here. He paid for your tickets and gave you your first break. He kept giving you opportunity after opportunity until you were an established artist in the industry.

Then, when Gulshan Ji was shot by the mafia, and the family was going through a crisis, and you didn’t stand with the family, and then 18-year-old Bhushan. You decided to deflect to a rival music company when T-Series was at its lowest. Wasn't that extremely ungrateful of you?" 

On a concluding note Divya shared that while the allegations can come and go, it seems Sonu himself is the answer to all the unnecessary accusations he made against Bhushan Kumar. After all, he also was a much deserving outsider, who was given a proper platform and the break that launched his career, by the same people he is accusing today.

(Divya Khosla Kumar's statements shared by her Spokesperson)


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KgirlLuvsD3 3 days ago If what she says about Sonu not supporting the label when Bhushan Kumar’s father got shot is true, then anyone blame the Kumar’s for not wanting to work with Sonu. Plus, Neeti Mohan, Jonita Gandhi, Arijit Singh, etc. didn’t come from film families that you can claim nepotism. So the only “nepotism” at play here is Bhushan inheriting his father’s company, but that’s family money, of course it stayed in the family.
ishan2003 3 days ago She definitely gave a solid soon as people don't get a chance or are ignored, they become bitter and start maligning the industry which gave you work in the first place
Tippy-top 3 days ago How come it's a solid argument? Are you serious? He joined in early 90s when Divya might be studying in school and enjoying a healthy middle class life. Joker! More than Sonu, it was T Series where Anuradha and Gulshan did a lot of hard work to find a great talent like Sonu Nigam. Bhushan and Divya have stale minds, they need creative and talented people who can produce good music with quality lyrics.
phadukaran 3 days ago the person answering back is the element of Nepotism as people are forced to hear Divya Kumar, in shows that don't even hold any creativity to have her. As well as forcing her songs and performance.
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