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How 'Beyhadh' Brilliantly Weaves Dark Comedy Into A Daily Soap

Who would have thought an Indian TV show could manage to make you laugh and freak you out at the same time?!


The different shades and flavours of a television show is what makes it an eye-grabber. However, the Indian television scenario is rather divergent to this approach as monotony and obscurantism is where shows prevail.

While this has been recurring, Sony TV's 'Beyhadh' has managed to showcase several aspects in recent times thus treating the masses with celluloid viewing, they aren't used to.'

From passionate love to deceit and betrayal to schemes, the show has been aesthetically producing digestible sequences for the viewers, time and again. If the above aspects weren't already enough, the show has now been presenting a genre that has barely been touched otherwise and i.e. dark comedy (gallows humour).

The character of Maya (Jennifer Winget) exercised the idea of being 'funny' in the most unpleasant, painful, and serious circumstances.

Maya's playtime with Vandana

A character can be either loved or hated, right? Well. That is not the case with Maya. While you can loathe her for her cruelty and vindications; you cannot deny the poise and shrewdness Maya operates with. This past week saw Maya's NEW side and it was her 'playtime' with Vandana. A helpless Vandana is skeptical about every step she takes inside Maya's house and Maya makes sure that she continues to be alert and scared.

From doing some absolutely brilliant scare tactics to having a wry smile on her face, Maya makes sure that Vandana is not only petrified but also perplexed, which is completely oblivious to Arjun (Kushal Tandon).

Maya's malevolent laughter can scare the hell out of you

When gallows humour was first presented on celluloid viewing, it took some time for the viewers to get accustomed to. Watching a person laugh as if the funniest joke in the world is being cracked to while watching the opposite party getting scared are two of the most paradoxical occurrences that co-exist with each other in a particular situation in dark comedy. When Maya made sure that her point is understood by Vandana clearly, she did the same by making Vandana the victim of her wrath while she has some 'fun' for herself. Not to forget how Maya behaved childlike and 'Oops, My bad' in front of Arjun when she plotted for the destruction of Vandana's cell-phone. 

When playing games wasn't funny anymore

One of the highlight sequences from the show was when Maya asks Vandana to not move from her position till she comes back. However, Vandana decides to go to Maya's room to search for clues pertaining Maya's plot of trapping Ayan (Sumit Bharadwaj).

Soon, Maya arrives and witnesses Vandana's absence and is on the search to find her. The way Maya's shift of emotions and expressions is portrayed in the scene is pleasantly gobsmacking. From playing her games in searching Vandana, things escalate from rather funny to scary really soon.

Maya is now furious and decides to give Vandana a piece of herself. Blocking Vandana's hand between the door and taking the pleasure of watching Vandana's blood dripping was that one thing that makes you uncomfortably shocked.

These are some of the few sequences that put 'Beyhadh' into a league not many Indian TV shows belong to. An introduction to black humour along with some impeccable acting prowess is a welcome change and we hope, Indian TV viewers accept it with open arms.

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VIMAL.SM 2017-05-05T01:26:21Z When ML forcefully marries FL.Abuse her,Manhandle her.Then no one have any issue.They drool on the ML.When a FL is grey.Many have so many issue.What a double standard.
MrsAkyurek 2017-05-04T12:25:35Z Jenny is the Jaan of the show.She owns the show.Just love her as Maya.Hats off to her.It's hard to pull to such a role n make viewers to show sympathy towards Maya.Hats off to Jenny.
IF_ki_Ammi 2017-05-04T05:59:59Z LMAOROFL the people who are complaining are the same who'll drool when an MCP assaults,abuse a FL
Pirated_Fun 2017-05-04T02:11:12Z Maya is a psycho , she is doing all due to some mental disorder, But what about those male leads who manhandles their gf or wife , is that fine? in the name of romanticism
Luna99 2017-05-03T23:41:37Z To those people who are complaining , beyhad has 120+ episodes and maya's nasty behaviour, if you complain, hardly makes up total 3-4 episodes.
Plus the character, from the beginning of the show, was psychotic.
There are even old viewers like my grandparents who haven't missed any episodes of this show .
And yes, somebody named shows like begusarai, udaan and ghulaam.
The difference apart from the male leads of these serials being 10 times nastier is that the male leads can't act where our Jenny can ACT.
Plus these male leads really don't have any reasons for such behaviour .
They just do it coz they are male chauvinists.
Oh there are so many names in this line.
Special mention to gul khan's heroes.
And viewers glorify the nasty behaviour of ML as tashan.
That's why violence against women are increasing.
But great news is that beyhad and kpkrab , which show proper portrayal of women, are thankfully getting more ratings than jaat ki jugni, which to me, looks like a cuter version of ghulaam.
_Darling_ 2017-05-03T23:08:46Z Maya is the Jaan and soul of the show.

No Maya = No Beyhadh

Love Jenny as Maya.
angel_juhi04 2017-05-03T23:00:36Z Surprisingly the people complaining are the same ones who watch shows like Begusarai, Udaan, Ghulaam where the heroes are 10 times more nastier than Maya. If Maya was a male lead instead of a female lead then I am sure that the viewers would been double from present viewers.
I_LoveYou_Kanha 2017-05-03T22:38:41Z Jennifer is playing the role of Maya amazingly...hats off to her.
Awesome show...different from other tv serials.
VIMAL.SM 2017-05-03T19:53:22Z Jenny is the Jaan of the show.She owns the show.Just love her as Maya.Hats off to her.It's hard to pull to such a role n make viewers to show sympathy towards Maya.Hats off to Jenny.
ukgal62 2017-05-03T18:53:09Z ...2017-05-04 07:31:02
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