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Hiten and Gauri in conversation..

Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Pradhan talk exclusively to Telly Buzz on the launch of their blog, on their anniversary, their interaction with their fans and much more..

Published: Wednesday,Apr 29, 2009 19:22 PM GMT-06:00
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It's the very popular on screen as well as off screen pair Hiten and Gauri Tejwani's 5th Wedding Anniversary today, and on this special day they launch their official blog on India-Forums.

Here is the duo in an exclusive conversation with India-Forums' Telly Buzz about their personal and professional life, blog and much more..

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First of all, Wish you both a very Happy Anniversary.
Both: Thank you so much.

How has your journey been thro' these five years of successful married life?
Hiten: First of all we are not feeling that it's been five years to our married life. It feels like I just met her during an ad shoot.

Gauri: Not so much also, but yes, it doesn't feel like we have completed five long years.

Hiten: We feel as though we are a newly married couple. The only difference is that she is not wearing those bangles (smiles).

What according to you are the five secrets of a successful marriage?
In all there is one secret. The foundation to happy married life, or you can say root to it is basic understanding between both. If you have that, you don't need the remaining four.

Gauri: I completely agree with Hiten. If you have love and understanding in life, the rest can be worked out.

Can you reveal to your fans the nick names you call each other?
Hiten: I call her janu and she calls me janu.

Gauri: Everyone knows that we call each other janu.

Hiten, what is the flower to which you will compare Gauri?
Well I can't compare her to any flower as she is just out of this world.

Any dish you would want her to compare to?

Gauri: He likes comparing me with a coconut.

Hiten: Yes that's true. She said that I should try something new, so I said walnut and that gave me this idea. She likes white roses though.

Can you list the five best qualities in Gauri?
Hiten: One of the bests about her is that her name is Gauri (grins). I don't think I need to give 5 qualities. For me Gauri is my world and I can't function without her. This is enough to describe her qualities. Because of her, I can laze around and don't need to take much tension. She is my life and I can't live without her.

Gauri: Basically I am his secretary (laughs).

So what about listing five bad qualities about Gauri?

Hiten: There are no bad qualities as such. She was short tempered but now she has mellowed down, but that is not a bad quality at all.

Moving to Gauri, is Hiten the ideal husband material; any areas of improvement needed?
Gauri: Yes totally; he is the perfect husband material and that's why I married him. Talking about improvement it's not really needed.

Hiten: There is no chance.

Gauri: Its too late now (smiles)

What are the five best qualities in him?
Gauri: He is a very genuine human being, understanding, caring, full of life and everyone knows about his sense of humor.

Five bad qualities in him?
Gauri: There is nothing bad and that's why I married him. There were few very petty things, but now I have taken care of it in these five years of marriage.

Hiten: If there were 10, she would have taken care of that also.

Any plans for extending your family?
Hiten: Coming soon, the juniors
Gauri: He will love to have twins
Hiten: The whole point is that we should keep our fingers crossed. Whatever is the wish of God, we will be happy.

Moving to your blog, how does it feel to be the first celebrity couple to be blogging due to high public demand?
Hiten: Yes, by public demand. The best part is that people love us so much and want to know about us on a day to day basis. This is the best thing and we feel really lucky and blessed.

Gauri: First of all we started our blog for our fans because they wanted to know all about us. It's difficult to be in contact with all of them, so I think this is the best way to do so.

Why India-Forums?
Hiten: Even before our fans came up with the idea of blog, India-Forums approached me. Then even our fans called them up for this idea, and here we are all set to launch our blog.

Gauri: Our association with them has been for a long time and thus it's a best option for us. Also, Hiten is in regular touch with his fans.

What do your fans mean to you?
Hiten: They mean everything. Because of their love and blessings we are here in the industry. They have been showering us with unconditional love and support for the past 8 years. I don't think there is any couple on television who have been loved in the same way from start till now, as we have been by our fans.

Gauri: I agree with him.

What is the USP of your blog, E Journey?
Gauri: They have taken into consideration all aspects of our lives, likes and dislikes. Fans will get a fair idea of our personal and professional lives.

Gauri, we have heard that you have a liking to learn various languages. So how do you conceptualize the blog which is a journey thro ports in the romantic languages, Spanish, Italian and French?
Gauri: Conceptualizing the blog is not my job, but we had discussed it with the creative consultants of our blog - Brand N Buzz. I have a flair for languages and so the sections have been named in the three romance languages - Spanish, Italian and French. We have different categories like pet corner, food corner etc. I think it is a very different and unique concept to have the sections named in different languages and really hope people like it. Once you start reading the blog, you will understand.

The journey of your blog has just begun. Can you give some pointers to your fans as to the facets that you would be blogging on?
Hiten: What's happening with our lives in day to day basis is what you will be reading. There is a pet corner, secret corner where secrets will be revealed by me and Gauri. There is also a style corner where I would be giving tips, and of course Gauri will be giving tips too. Then there are these recipes by Gauri too for readers.

Hiten, on this occasion, can you reveal one such hidden quality of Gauri that the world does not know?
Hiten: Well there is nothing. The biggest secret is that Gauri loves to talk.

A secret about Hiten?
Gauri: He is either hungry or needs to sleep. On a serious note, there can't be anything that the world doesn't know about Hiten.

By looking at him, do you think he can have secrets?

Hiten: You will have to see the blog for that.

Your fans are eagerly waiting to see you both cast in a show. How do you respond to such reactions?
Hiten: If something good and different comes our way, we would definitely do it.

Gauri: I am bored of working with him, so won't mind working with others. But if something good, then why not??

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi
Pictures: Supriyo Das

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mjht_rox 13 years ago soo nice.they look very cute with each other
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nadiak1 13 years ago you guys are the best couple on tv. i love you guys so much . congratulation and happy anniversary and you guys should do another serial together. . you guys are kajal and shahrukh khan on tv .
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cool_time 13 years ago aww!...i love this interview..GHT we miss you!
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princessunara 13 years ago aww..reading it again n again makes me fall in love with ur darling jodi all over again>:D<
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Mehruhgt 13 years ago we all r missing ght alot on tv ,when these producers see our demand ....whennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
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sweety_ursh 13 years ago ya really i really i miss you guys on tv
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GHT_ArMan 13 years ago Luv u Gauri-Hiten,plz come back soon
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Mehruhgt 13 years ago i like the best qaulity ans that hiten said gauri is my world n gauri said basically i am his secretary ............haha
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JasminBhasinFan 13 years ago Hiten-Gauri rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are really the most loved couple on television!!!!
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adeela 13 years ago i love gauri hiten so much.wishing them all the best for their life ahead.dying to see them together in a new show
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