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Himanshi Khurana on unfollowing Asim's brother Umar: I didn't know it would become such a big issue!

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Himanshi Khurana opens up about Asim Riaz’ proposal, unfollowing Umar and much more. Have a look


In an exclusive conversation with Bigg Boss contestant Himanshi Khurana, she spoke to us about his relationship with Asim, his proposal, unfollowing Umar and much more. Have a look:

  1. What was the feeling when Asim became the runner up and Sid became the winner?

Obviously, a bit disappointed but it’s okay. Sidharth was also equally a very tough competition. For the audience and for me and for everybody, Asim is the winner. 

  1. Do you think the way you were in the second innings could have had you sustain if you were the same in the first innings?

No, it's not like that. Bigg Boss is not a competition wherein only the winner is noticed. All over the journey, every person had his own character and had his own personality and Bigg Boss was national news. Everyone had been the talk of the town for their own personality. So even though I had been in the game for 5 weeks, people know that there was a girl who used to speak very little, fight less, that means that they remember me. Bigg Boss is about all the contestants. To stay in the house, I already had a lot of targets in the house. There was already a natural rift with Shehnaaz in the house, so if I wanted I would have stayed in the house on that basis. 

  1. People said that you went the second time to clear your image. Tell us about it?

I don’t know, people talk from both sides. Just a week before that, Asim was blamed for my relationship. So on the national Television, crore people are watching the show and on social media, there are around Lakh people. So it would have been better that I would give the clarification about the same on the National Television. I also cleared that thing because I felt that the blame that they had on Asim should also get cleared so that people would know what it was. 

  1. Shefali gave a statement saying Asim tried to hit on her, what’s your take?

People have watched it and it was the same inside that I played the role of a glue between them because we were very strong. The day I got evicted, we were thinking that the team shouldn’t break, we used to make rules for each other. If a person has any complaint with the other person then they should clear it out and the third person shouldn’t get to know about it. It did not happen in front of me. 

  1. He proposed to you but you took a step back, why so?

As a girl when you are going inside and there was so much going in your personal and professional life and everybody knew that was unwell as very and I didn’t get the time to recover. I was very connected with Asim, when I went inside I got to know that he is not doing well and even he accepted that he got very aggressive when I was evicted. So I had to handle a few things with maturity, people won't be able to understand that pressure. When I went inside, we were told that you have to go inside to create memories, in a positive way. When I went inside I didn’t know that Asim will propose in 5 minutes. When my life was getting involved, even I wanted to know a lot of things so I couldn’t give an answer about that proposal in 5 minutes and I wanted to sit down together and talk about it. 

  1. You unfollowed Umar after coming out, why so?

I didn’t even know that the unfollow-follow thing is such a big issue. Seriously, we are in touch over the phone and we had so much fun last night as well. My digital team is working for me, when I came outside I was not well, I got hurt in the head so I was not well and I don’t know. 

  1. Salman used to stop you from talking. What do you have to say?

Everyone saw that I used to talk very less but one thing I understood that if you will keep your points in the Weekend Ka Vaar then only you would be able to keep your points whether you were right or wrong. So I tried to keep my side, at first I got scared. With due respect to Salman sir, I couldn't say but Asim told me that you should state what it is clearly. So I did keep my point, at least it was outside. Otherwise in that Rashami’s topic, I would have been the culprit, I told Rashami that I don’t know but I talked to you and even she was like yes you did.

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Bharathi_gurti 1 months ago What do u mean by for audience Asim is the winner..are u the moron..what about people who rooted for SID..
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