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Has Sonu Nigam's Revelations about Toxic Music Mafia led to the birth of a Web Series?

Sonu Nigam’s hard hitting realities on the toxic music mafia and the plight of singers leads to much talked about web series?

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Sonu Nigam

The past few months have had some hell of revelations that not only took the audience aback but shook the whole nation out of their comfort zone. It was the sad demise of truly talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death that stirred controversy on a number of issues that are very much prevalent in the industry and how fair chances and opportunities are denied to the deserving and talented ones. 

Sonu Nigam was among the first one who spoke freely on the existence of big mafias in the music industry and openly spoke about the plight of the singers and the disrespect towards their capabilities.  We all are well aware about the famous vlogs of Sonu Nigam and how they really hit us hard with realities. Sonu recently spoke about the biggest music company and brought out their ill-doings in the spotlight.

What’s more interesting is that there is a web series in the making on the bombarding issue, 'the Music Mafia'. Speculations are a bang on Web series on the powerful music company in the B-town is on the way  with an ensemble cast that focuses on the struggle of singers from different genres including Pop,Rap,Rock, Ghazals and much more, their rise and fall and how they  succumb under the pressure of the music mafia and how these ill practices leaves a deep impact on them personally.

Veteran singer Sonu Nigam was infact the first one to speak on this sensitive yet important issue and brought out this fact to audience and we think the nation agreed to his views and accepted the bitter truth he  spoke.

All hail and credit to the Mozzart of Bollywood to stand up for the right cause and speak out the truth at the time of the need and be so brutally honest. His spectacular journey in the industry and outstanding contributions will always make his fans want for more and may his tribe rise and we would love to see him to be a part of the web series that is in making.

Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam

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AshVal6 4 months ago Sonu is sunshine, mafia can try but cannot hide his voice even though lots of singers came and sang and killed melody. sonu is a legend
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