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Gufi Paintal to play Shakuni Mama

Once again, Paintal has been approached to play the historic character in Imagine's Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwaan Shree Krishna

Gufi Paintal a notable Bollywood and television actor, who is still remembered for his portrayal of Shakuni Mama in B R Chopra's adaptation of Mahabharat will be seen playing the same character again but this time around in Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwaan Shree Krishna.

The show presently revolves around the deep friendship of Sudama and Krishna (Vishal karwal) and in the upcoming track the show will depict the epic of Mahabharat.

Gufi will make his entry sometime next week.

Paintal who recognizes this character as its best role was unavailable for a comment.

The viewers still remember him in this peculiar avtaar and we hope that he is liked by all, once again!

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Megha Bissa


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RamKiSeeta 8 years ago Wow, it's great that the show is finally entering the Mahabharat phase. Now the fact that there is no Rukmini will not bother viewers, as she has no role in the Mahabharat.

I loved Gufi Paintal as Shakuni Mama, it's really great that he's returning!
.Vrish. 8 years ago Thumbs Down He was great then, but don't like the idea of him playing the same role a second time. A different actor from one of those serials might have been better.
Budtameez 8 years ago I remember as a kid my grandma use to tell us a story that 'God' had granted a boon to Bhim and Bhim had asked that no matter how much he ate, Sakuni mama should go to toilet on his behalf..LOL!!
radhikarani 8 years ago omg! Lagta h he was the real sukuni mama in maha bharat era. I jus gt surprisd by readn the title only. Al d best
lipshaa 8 years ago Thats really great news.. Everytime when i thought Shakuni mama always his pic comes in my mind.. <3
Its really pleasure to watch him again.. :)
sitakshii 8 years ago wow
great looking forward to MR.Gufi ..again to see in the role of shakuni mama ...excited for the upcoming MAHABHARAT TRACK in the show ..hope the makers chose the perfect actors for the great roles of draupadi and 5 pandavas
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