Gaurav & Damini- Too Good a Jodi

We spoke to one of the jodis of Star One’s Love Ne Mila Di Jodi played by Chandana Sharma and Gaurav Khanna.

Gaurav Khanna aka Prithvi and Chandana Sharma aka Damini of Love Ne Mila Di Jodi have a light and funny chat with us...

Tell us about Love Ne Bana Di Jodi.


Gaurav: This is basically a youth based show. But the thing is this show has a very interesting twist. But we cannot tell you what the twist is. (turns to Chandana) Should we do the twist for them?


Chandana: (laughs) No we shouldn't.


Gaurav: Chandana by the way is a very good dancer and a singer too as a matter of fact…and she is also a Bengali.


Chandana: Can we talk about our characters and the show now?


Gaurav: Character…what's there yaar…when they see the serial they will get to know all about the characters.


Do your characters Damini and Prithvi fight the same way you do now?


Gaurav: Yes our characters fight a lot. That's why before every shot I irritate Chandana a lot, so that by the time the camera starts rolling there is some actual chemistry ( mock punches the air with his fist) between us. So watch out for lots of fights between Damini and Prithvi. And the best part is that there is no rule in this show that the boys will not raise their hands on the girls…donon ladka ladki jamke pitaayi karenge ek doosre ki…

(Chandana is in fits by this time)


Chandana: My character is very confident…and she is very overprotective about her family and probably that's why she comes across a little assertive and dominating.


So are you dominating in real life too?


Chandana: Yes…since I'm a Leo I'm somewhat dominating in real life too. The one thing that I relate with Damini strongly is on her thought that the world is not just made up of men. There are a lot of things that women can do better than men.


Gaurav: Like?


Chandana: Like driving (Gaurav bursts out laughing) horse riding…


Chandana: (looks at Gaurav and questions) What?

Ignore him. I actually drive very well. It's a myth that women are bad drivers. Yes so let me continue Gaurav…kickboxing, cooking…I can go on and on. Women are just perfect.


Gaurav: Chandana has taken training in kickboxing and I in being a punching bag. It's an art to dodge Chandana's punches. To know more about this art you need to watch the show. And horseriding toh thodi bahut main bhi kar leta hoon…my favorite horse's name is Sania. I love her a lot!  I'll tell you what, many a times people have commented that the serial's name should be Love Ne Mila Di Ghodi because they thought that there's something between me and Sania.


Chandana: Gaurav!?


Gaurav: Yeah I really love her a lot!


Do you feel good about working with Shakuntalam productions again?


Gaurav: Yeah…I worked with them before in Siddhaant and then Kumkum and now I've got a chance to work with them again. It's like they are family now. I've worked with them for the past one and a half years for Santaan and you know you create your own comfort zone. And they also feel that a known devil is better than an unknown devil. (laughs) Also, I found the script very interesting. So I signed it.


What new things is Love Ne Mila Di Jodi offering?


Chandana: In Love Ne Mila Di Jodi you will see three different love stories with their different issues and their own way of showing affection. You can see in the serial that not all couples are alike.


Gaurav: Yes very true.


Chandana: They all have their own take on love.


Any message for the audience?


Chandana: Yes, our show Love Ne Mila Di Jodi starts airing from 22nd June at 9: 30 pm from Monday to Thursday on Star One, so please watch it.


Gaurav: Chandana has told everything that I wanted to say.


Chandana: No I'll tell you what he would have said. Logon ke paas time nahin hain yeh bahut saara footage hain…toh main sirf itna kehna chaahoongi ki you have to watch the show. That's it.


Gaurav: Thank you Chandana ji. I would like to say that do watch our show and let us know your feedbacks through india-forum. They have always been there for us and it's a medium for us to know what you guys are thinking. Keep that lovely work happening thank you so much.


Chandana: Thank you.


Reporter and Author : Susan Jose







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loooovvee u gaurav!!!Gaucha were awesome on this superb show!!!

12 years ago

hope to see ua both on screen again

13 years ago

This interview seems still so fresh and lively when ever read or follow YT. MOST SIZZLING COUPLE IN HISTORY

13 years ago

Gaurav & chandana rocking guys n make rocking chemistry together.gaucha no1 rocking couple forever.mising gaucha like hell.

13 years ago

I loved it great funny article of my fav actrors gaurav n chandana.i love lotz gaurav n chandana.Gaurav n chandana make amazing rocking couple none else.mising gaucha like hell.plz do more n more show together.gaucha rock none else.
Gaucha forever.

13 years ago

Sucha a awesom interview.i loved it.
Gaurav & chandana no1 actore & actress.
Gaucha no1 rocking couple forever.
Mising gaucha like hell.

13 years ago

Gaurav& chandama realy made 4 each other.plz get married in real life too.gaucha forever.

13 years ago

Gaurav & chandana both r megical guys & their jodi gaucha is most hot & sexy jodi all of indian tv jodi.
Gaucha forever.
Mising gaucha very badly.

13 years ago

Such a funny artical of my fav gaucha.Hi its my first coment .i m totaly made 4 gaurav & chandana & 4 lnmdj.i don't know about india form earliar thats why i chout'd tel about how much i was crazy about lnmdj & prida.lnmdj was truly awesom show .i watched only lnmdj but now i don't like any tv serial.i love lotz gk & cs.they both r equal & similar.
Gk & cs damn gud looking.
Both r damn hot & sexy.
Both have awesom acting talent.
Both make rocking couple thats gaucha.
mising gaucha very badly.
Gk+cs=gaucha forever.

13 years ago

I totaly truly love only chandana &gaurav.they both are mindblowing,awesom,damn gud looking,awesom personality.damn hot,sexy dashing,rocking ,megical,stuning &ful house of awesom acting talent no one can comare &beat of gk n cs.they both are totaly equal &similar.i have no word 4 explain gk n cs quality they both make rocking couple.plz gaucha get together soon.i m dying to see gaucha again in new show.
gaurav+chandana=gaucha forever.
Gaucha forever.
Gaucha forever.

13 years ago

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