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Gauhar accuses Shilpa of copying..

Things are getting fishy in the Season 3 of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa as contestants accuse each other...Again in the limelight is Gauhar Khan...

Published: Tuesday,Mar 24, 2009 14:19 PM GMT-06:00
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Gauhar accuses Shilpa of copying..
Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 3 opened up with a controversy looming large between Gauhar Khan and her choreographer, Hanif Hilal. Now Gauhar is again at the thick of things, as she recently accused Chak De girl Shilpa Shukla of copying steps in the last episode.

According to our khabroo, "Shilpa scored a perfect 30 last week for her performance on the number 'Zinda Hoon Main', and this irked Gauhar who felt that injustice was done to her, as she fell short of Shilpa in the race".

Trouble began when after the shoot of last week's episode Gauhar accused Shilpa of copying steps. She pointed to the fact that the same steps were used by Mouli Ganguly and Mazher for the same song in Nach Baliye 4. "Gauhar was heard saying that Karishma who choreographed for Mouli and Mazher in Nach, assists Nishant who is now the choreographer of Shilpa", adds our source.

"Gauhar went on to say that the act of Shilpa was so similar to the duo's act in the Star Plus show. They had scored the highest for their act and here too, Shilpa scored the maximum", concludes our source.

Well, this is the bitter 'reality' of reality shows, isn't it?

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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-Magnanimous- @-Magnanimous- 14 years ago she just want to remain in news....

alwayz created drama!
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mb101 @mb101 14 years ago She''s a drama queen... & she likes the attention
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Sandra @ana1 14 years ago gahur is creating enimies for no reson she needs to keep her mouth shut and jus concentrate on her own dance shilpa was 10x better then guhar in her dance she she dereved the markes. Guhars dance was good to but we all saw she got a lil shaky why tkae perefct marks when u dont deserve it. Shilpa rocked it and got what she deserved
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Krishna @hare_krishna 14 years ago Has anyone seen the hollywood movie Step Up 2? Well, Gauhar used the song and some moves from that movie. The moves copied are at teh final dance off round. I still like Gauhar though but just saying a fact.
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Farzana @FarzuIrani 14 years ago Rachana Trivedi

madam please pass the message to the judges that stop being partial and give the deserving marks to the canditate they are simply being biased like baichung choregrapher damces the full act and he just help in lifts and gets the credit , due respect to mahinderji he does not dance well but still gets better marks tell thewm to judge properly.
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digitalone 33
digitalone 33 @digitalone 33 14 years ago i agree on gauhars saying...as we have not seen anything new this time & act was repeat. this is not done. we have see something new all the time not the copying things all time............so gauhar has done a true thing & her dance was also good this time.
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Sara @Sonii_Babii 14 years ago @fly2me: i agree compltly..
@Article: I think its pure jealousy!
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N. :) @Princess.. 14 years ago y does gauhar keep on complaining??
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Lara @fly2me 14 years ago Oh gosh. Its not about who copies it or who does not. Its about how they perform it and with what attitude. Its not like everyone is coming up with their own steps...they look at examples and copy it and put it together as a dance...so what the point? And plus Shilpa''s dance was not a copy [from my point of view] and even the judges said so. So, what''s all this drama about? Nothing is gonna change the fact that Shilpa scored a 30. So, why all this? There is always so much drama in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and for some reason in one way or the other it always ends with Gauhar. Gosh...lol!
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Fatima @Rhimjhimsawan 14 years ago this is so lame. gauhar did not start this at all. others were talking about it, gauhar only had the guts to say it on stage.
fact check people.
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