Gauahar and Tanisha...All's Not Well In Paradise!

After Gauahar and Tanisha’s fallout a couple of weeks ago, the tension between them seems to be rising with every passing day.

Known to be the biggest foes in the Bigg Boss house this season, Gauahar and Tanisha do not miss any chance to take a dig at each other. As the second leg of the Rajneeti task commences, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to come together for a debate session between the two opposing parties. As a part of the debate, one representative from each party was required to come forward and shed some light on the strengths and weaknesses of their opposition party. While Gauahar spoke on behalf of Kamya's party, Andy spoke for Elli's team.

During the course of the debate, Gauahar explained to the other contestants how Sangram had failed as a leader and no longer represented the right side. Hearing this, Tanisha interrupted Gauahar and made some personal remarks about Gauahar by calling her a cook' which in turn offended Gauahar. Not one to remain silent, Gauahar asked Tanisha to stay quiet and not speak about her. Tanisha, to this, quipped that she was only using her Freedom of Speech and that nobody had the right to stop her from doing so. Gauahar and Tanisha further engaged in an intense verbal spat following which Gauahar decided to stop cooking for the housemates and even asks Kamya to do the same.

With the dynamics of relationships changing every day inside the Bigg Boss house, it remains to be seen if Tanisha Mukherjee and Gauhar Khan will ever become friends...


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shaily.says- 6 years ago what the hell is pratyusha banerjee.. ???? :P
arhifan1 6 years ago guahar rocks!! she has a tongue and her own mind... hated this task.. andy also has changed.. bb 7 literally sucks after kushal is gone... :(
tulip132 6 years ago For me Guhar, Patrusha are the cheapest women with no values. Mataji Guhar to get fame, always chipku with kushaal( Hugging Kissing)
Patrusha 22, like street woman shouting on elder men without any reason.
ahilajkula 6 years ago Pratyusha Banerjee, you be brave. Be happy, cheerful and bright. ...still . We love you .
Kays94 6 years ago tanisha get a life pleaseee!!! ur presence on screen now just gives me the chills... please get out already
rmallika 6 years ago Gauahar is just bakwass. she is just fake and tanisha is gud. Tanisha is wonderulf and 100 times better than gauahar.
IPKKNDfan4ever 6 years ago tanisha get a life bi*** !!

Gauahar Khan ROCKS !!!!!!!
MarkZingerBurgr 6 years ago
This time BB has turned into a fully biased show. feels like Ajay Has BRIBED this show and the channel just to make Tani win. perhaps that's the reason that he also Left his Twitter account. (ppl bashed him coz of Tani).

Tani does nothing in the house. 24/7 she does nothing but bitching.

Armaan: i love the way he treats Tani. well done Armaan. coz such sort of woman deserves this kind of treatment.

Tani, A doormat with no Self Respect.

We already know that Tani is the winner this time. BB7 should end this season now.

Gauahar is NOT AN ANGEL. but i must say she is zillion times better than Tanisha who is a self made girl and have some self respect.

Way to go Gauaher.

prettyingreen 6 years ago Everyone is scared of being confronted by Gauhar. That is bc they know she speaks the truth. She even manages to show salman khan that he was wrong in taking a stand for Tanisha. GAUHAR KHAN, YOU GO GIRL!
hindu4lyf 6 years ago Mukherjee family ne Tanisha ko kuch sikhaya nahi kya? Bas bhej diya ghar ke andar. The whole world knows her acting skills are dreadful but now they know she doesn't know cooking either. Bas poora din behte raho aur apne 'cook' ko order do. Pagal ladki. I hope you're enjoying the constant verbal abuse dished out to you by lover boy Armaan.
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