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Frustrated Deepika talks about the comments over her Fashion and asks, What do you want me to do?

Deepika Padukone is a role model for millions of fans for her subtle and classy looks and savage actions. During a recent interaction, Deepika got frustrated and questioned her fans who constantly comment about her fashion sense...


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Deepika Padukone's poised and charming style has strengthened many individuals who seek confidence around the public. She has been a role model for millions of fans for her subtle and classy looks and savage actions. However, at times even she seems to be confused about the expectations the audience hold. From her elegant gowns to her casual looks with jeans and T-shirts, Deepika rocks every avatar.  

But, not every fan praises her for sporting something different. Right from sporting black colors to blending colorful clothes; lately, Deepika has been experimenting with her fashion styles. Although, that does not stop people from commenting about her looks and what she has to wear and suddenly her posts are a war-zone with fans constantly commenting about it!

Finally, Deepika questioned the audience as to what they exactly want!

During a recent media interaction, Deepika was quizzed about her fashion sense and was asked who according to her has more fun with outfits between her and husband Ranveer Singh, she instantly retorted saying, "I wear a white shirt and blue jeans and everyone's like so boring, why can't she try something fun. And then when I try something fun they are like oh now she's trying to be like her husband. She should just stick to doing the classic stuff that she always does. What do you want?"

Further talking about how things work at her residence, she said "When he's with my parents, that's (white shirt and blue pants) his look. Otherwise, he's not allowed to enter the house. So if it's a professional commitment and my parents happen to be there then they have to make peace with what he's wearing. But if it's a specific event, there is a separate Padukone family wardrobe which is black pants, blue jeans, white crisp shirt, round neck t-shirt. So there's a black, white, grey color palate.” 

Deepika Padukone has always been vocal about her opinions and in her battle with depression and anxiety she always seems to seek mental stability. However, worrying about what fans say makes it more difficult for a celebrity! She also believes it is necessary to help others who are constantly in a fear of losing themselves due to societal pressures. 

“I wanted people to know my truth. Now, not a single day goes by that people aren't comfortable to talk to me about their mental health. And I give them my time. There's nothing more important than that, to listen,” said the actress during a previous interview. 

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