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Friends and Frayed Relations

Stars talk their heart out about friends and friendship fiasco!! A Friendship Day Special from Telly Buzz..

Published: Sunday,Aug 02, 2009 09:25 AM GMT-06:00
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Friends and Frayed Relations

'Friendship' is a ship that sometimes sails smoothly, sometimes overcomes turbulent storms or sometimes gives in and sinks. But it's a ship we all have to aboard in our lifetime. This Friendship day, our telly stars share with us the ups and downs that they have faced when it comes to being a part of this 'ship'.

Basically we asked the celebs to share with us the two sides of the coin. To tells us about friends who have been with them through thick and thin, and friends who have bailed out on them. They were more than glad to answer us!


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Friends and Frayed Relations
All of my college friends are my close pals. Now that most of them are married we've included the wives too in our gang. So we are now a tightly knit family of around fourteen people! We make it a point that we go for a holiday every year. I thank God for such wonderful friends in my life.

I've had instances where relationships have gone sour but with the people who I know in general and not with any of my close friends.


Friends and Frayed Relations
My three closest pals are my cousin sister Apala and my college friends Jaspir and Prachi. We all are MAD. It's our madness that keeps the fun and love alive among us. We know each other since the time we were kids. I still remember the time when we had bunked school to go to a nearby pond. Ahh! The wild things we did. Its great we are still together!

Yes, I've lost a few of my friends but I lost them before they got too close to me. So it didn't really matter to me much. It's my three best friends that I really care about.


Friends and Frayed Relations
Kinshuk Mahajan and Natasha Rana are my two best friends. Our friendship has made the sets feel like home. We always wait for each other's shots to get over and make it a point to have lunch together. We share a great comfort level. We all have planned something for this Friendship day. We will bring tiny cakes on the sets and have a small party.

I still remember one of my friends who is the reason for whatever I am today. I still give all credit to him. But some misunderstanding happened and now we are no longer in good terms. I don't know why but in the past two months I've lost many friends. It's puzzling to me too!


Friends and Frayed Relations
Shravan and Kanish are my two best buddies. We share everything. But what we love doing is playing games, poker, PS II and yeah checking out chicks. And after checking out the chicks we decide who should go to who (laughs). Hey! But don't get me wrong! We do make productive use of our time. We discuss films. All of us are hardcore film buffs, so we discuss movies, directors and everything about cinema.

I have also lost a few friends down the line. But we boys never take these things seriously.


Friends and Frayed Relations
Pradeep and Ritika are my childhood buddies. And Shaleen is someone who I know only since the last two years but I've developed a great bond with him. My childhood friends are indeed picture perfect. They were there for me when I had chickenpox and they were also there when I won Star Parivaar Awards.

I really take time to make friends. And once I do it's my personal desire to continue the journey of friendship forever. Even if we do have fights or any misunderstanding, I don't think twice before apologizing. I don't sit to analyze whether it was really my fault. I want my friend back and my friend is hurting so I go say sorry.


Friends and Frayed Relations
I don't have any special friends in my life. All my friends are equally important and special to me. Plus, I can't call anyone as a 'special friend' because I don't have any friend  who has lasted for even 3 years. I think the reason is because I don't get too close to anyone. But there is a positive side of you not getting close to people. In my case, I haven't even lost any friends.


Friends and Frayed Relations
My best friend, I can say is Mannu and although I know him only for a year, we have grown so close and support each other so much that all the difficulties in life seem small. I meet him everyday and we chill out together. He made me realize that when you are with good friends you have good times.

Yes, I have had friendships go sour in my life and it happens in everyone's lives. Life is all about ups and downs and its better to forget the bad incidents that happened to us.

Well, as the actors rightly say, the day belongs to FRIENDS, and Telly Buzz wishes all its readers a hearty and eventful Friendship Day...

Reporter: Susan Jose, Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

Banners: Supriyo Das
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iheartChai @iheartChai 12 years ago Friends really do make things better in our lives.

Take Care and God Bless.

Wishing you all the best in your new project.
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May you always have great friends around you :)
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Paru... @Paru... 14 years ago additi seems to be a straight forward person.she acts only on screen and not offscreen unlike some of the other actors
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