Freshers' Party in Palampur Express..

Finally, Pavni finds a place for herself in the Sports Academy with a party thrown on for the freshers joining the campus...


Pavni aka Akangsha Rawat has finally made it into Ila Singh's Sports Academy in Sony's Palampur Express. This opens a new phase in Pavni's life where she will have to go thro' the hostel life, ragging and of course dealing with the hatred of Lavanya (Tanvi Thakkar), daughter of Ila Singh (Krutika Desai).

However, Pavni realizes that she has to give back in the same coin in order to survive this struggle. Now the focus will be on the Freshers' Party organized in the college where there will be lots of developments.

According to our source, "The freshers' party will have all sorts of drama in it. There will be a 'Tashan' between Pavni and Lavanya. There will be games played, great music and lots of fun".

Talking about the party sequence, Akangsha who plays Pavni says, "The party is basically for girls, where they can invite the boys. So Dhruv as well as Dev are there at the party. Basically, Pavni and Lavanya are at loggerheads with each other, but Pavni has found a close friend in the bubbly Paramjeet who helps her always. The party sequence has some nice dance sequences too".

As per our source, "The party will also see some romantic dance moments between the trio, Dev, Pavni and Dhruv. On one hand, Dhruv loves Pavni while the party sequence will reveal to the audience that Dev has slowly developed a liking for Pavni. There will be a major revelation too regarding the real identity of Dev, and his connection with Ila Singh. This twist will obviously raise questions whether Dev is in favor of Pavni or actually against her".

So much to look forward to, in the Freshers' party that will be aired sometime next week in Palampur Express..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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Cupcake4GHT 11 years ago i agree hiten is outstanding and mindblowing in palampur express, the best actor on indian tv
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secret_GHT 11 years ago hiten u r the jaan of the show palampur express
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hiten rock...........
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