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'Flat 211' is different from Ram Gopal Verma & Abbas Mustan Films

Says Sunil Sanjan...


Whenever there is a talk of suspense thriller films in Bollywood, Ram Gopal Varma and Abbas Mustan are always named first. But the writer, producer and director of an upcoming film Sunil Sanjan says that his upcoming film 'Flat 211' is the most different in the same genre.

''Flat 211 is very different from Bollywood's suspense thriller movies. I would not say that I do not like Bollywood movies because I have come to see these films since my childhood but I wanted to make a film that has international touch because the tradition of repeating in Bollywood is very much.'' Sunil Said.

Sunil says that even if he is trying to bring an international touch in his film, but it has been keeping the Indian logo in full view of the choice.

"I have tried to give international touch in the film but I made it in Indian flavor. keeping in mind the Indian audience, I have added some tadka, glamor and music, but Flat 211 is completely a content base film that will keep the audience tie-in."

He further said that his film is beyond Bollywood's famous suspense thriller filmmakers Ram Gopal Varma and Abbas Mastan. "My film is quite different from the films of Ram Gopal Varma and Abbas Mushan. I am quite inspired by Hollywood's story telling and my film's story telling is also inspired by Hollywood. If you see in past, films such as Gajini and City Lights are inspired from Hollywood and those films were very much appreciated.''

'Flat 211' is a suspense thriller movie that will be released in cinemas on June 2.
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