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'Fitness Mantra' with Swapnil Joshi

This special Weekly column will feature 4 sub-categories - Fitness Mantra, Fashion Fijaaz, Food-O-Holics, and Fire N Ice.. This week, we bring to you our first "F" - Fitness Mantra!

Published: Sunday,Oct 28, 2007 10:56 AM GMT-06:00
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His funny acts left the audience in splits in the recently concluded Comedy Circus. He has been the sweet boy, the lover boy, the good boy as well as the bad boy in a variety of serials in a career that has spanned more than a decade. He is still raring to go, and his best is yet to come. We catch Swapnil Joshi on an early autumn morning to get some insight into his lifestyle and fitness routine.

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Are you a fitness freak?
I believe in fitness. I belong to a family who are genetically inclined to be on the plump side, and to top it, we love food. So I have to be very careful about my fitness.

What's your exercise routine?
I go to the gym four times a week, and I have a personal trainer I work out with. I do cardio and weight. Twice a week, I do Yoga, which I believe is more for the fitness of the mind than body, which is equally important. On Sunday, I give my body a rest, and indulge myself in the thing I love most - food.

Do you follow a diet regime?
I am not very good at dieting to be honest. Though I do watch what I eat, because exercise and dieting both go hand in hand.

What's your eating schedule like?
I start with a healthy breakfast which must have fruits, with a cup of tea. Around 11 am I have coconut water. Lunch is around 1 pm which is generally one roti with a sabji and dal. I take some snacks like bhel and some tea at 4 pm and by 6.30-7 I have my dinner which primarily consists of soup and maybe some tandoori preparation.

How do you manage to keep up this schedule when you are shooting, especially when you have so much of tea, so much of oily food, snacks etc etc coming in?
I believe there can be no bigger guru than self restraint. You have to keep yourself in check. Because if you slip, you know that someone or the other is going to point out at the excess couple of kgs you are carrying, and that immediately has such a demoralising effect that you go into an overdrive of keeping away from anything that has oil in it for the next 20 days! So it's better to keep yourself in check.

Do you equate fitness with a good shape of body?
Personally, no. Sometimes, a fit looking person might not be as fit, and similarly, an unhealthy looking person might be the fittest person around. So being healthy has a lot to do with the mind. But yes, in general, fitness is a whole concept, rather than just having a good body or having a great diet program. Also, if it can be achieved through the natural process rather than through steroids or protein shakes, then nothing like it.

Any special tip you would like to share with our members to help them lead a healthy lifestyle?
Drink lots and lots of water. We have so many medical problems, and such complicated names for them as well, we have toxins, and we have fatigue, and we have so many different types of infections and what not. I truly believe that water is one single answer to all these problems. I drink at least 6-8 litres of water everyday. Also, another great tip to a healthy life style is an early dinner. Nothing beyond 7.30 in the evening. That is the best way to keep your constitution healthy.

Well Friends, hope you liked the 'Fitness Tips' provided by Swapnil.. Fantastic 4's will bring you more on Fitness, Fashion, Fire N Ice and Food every week...

Author: Minnie Gupta.
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maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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Too_Much 15 years ago Koi itna thoda kha kar zinda kaise rehta hai...hehehehehehehehe

ya its true you should take dinner early atleast 3 hours before sleep...lekin make sure you fall asleep soon before you start feeling hungry again hahahhaahahahaha
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ammmu 15 years ago My brother says the same thing about eating dinner late too.. although we can't help it :P

Nice article, all the best to Swapnil and thanks Minnie di!
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