Fashion Police Raids Filmfare 2009

Fashion Police raided the Filmfare 2009 red carpet to find fashion victims who desperately need to change their stylists.. and applaud those who looked red chilly hot..Read on to find where your favourite stands...

Published: Monday,Mar 23, 2009 12:33 PM GMT-06:00
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Filmfare Red Carpet is one of the most awaited events of the year and we, the Fashion Police raided the red carpet to find our fashion victims who desperately need to change their stylists. Not to forget, applaud those who set their own trends.
So common, lets open the pandora's box and see what's in store.
From the cute and peppy 'meow' of Jaane Tu, Genelia took a 360 degrees turn with this sheek look. Even though she went safe with black, no one is taking away the credit from the young lass for looking like a true diva.
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She truly looked like the desi version of 'Kate Winslet' in this off-white off shoulder dress. Teamed with delicate accessories and hair tied in a lose bun, is Taani mein humko to bollywood ki ek upcoming fashion queen dikhti hai.
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Priyanka Chopra
Our Piggy Chops sure looked like a fashion diva walking the red carpet. The soothing blue gown with intrinsic pattern definitely enhances the 'sophisticated glamorous' look that Priyanka was trying to achieve.
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Wondering what Vidya is doing in this list. Well finally the lady seems to have struck gold and stuck to what suits her the best, Indian.

Vidya looked absolutely gorgeous in the cream chudidaar teamed with emeralds. Surely one 'desi girl' to watch out for.

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He would have to be the pick of the night with the ladies. Big B looked like a total rockstar in the black satin tux along with those bling glasses which completed the look.
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Saree definitely seemed like the toast of the evening.

Kareena Kapoor was spotted in a white saree accessorized with a matching embellished clutch. The splash of colour to her look was provided by the ruby earrings that she was wearing..may we say bebo was in total tashan.

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This Bong bombshell was draped in a black saree with gold work on it. Teamed with a red blouse, the ease with which Bips was carrying herself was commendable. She sure left the boys waiting to be her 'lucky boy'!
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The bubbly 'Bittu' of Delhi-6 came to the Filmfare looking like a vision in white. She looked as though she has just stepped out of a fairy tale with those pearl ear-rings and the hair bun. Looks like Sonam's inspiration for the look was 'Masakalli' but we definitely are not arguing coz we loved all her jhatak-matak.
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Kat came as a surprise package. While everyone was seen sporting the soft hues, Kat came and conquered with her bold orange outfit. Kat was simplicity personified in her sunshine dress accessorized with chandelier ear-rings with her hair let loose to show off her new fringe hair-style.
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It seemed like 'Heaven On Earth' with Preity in her beautifully designed outfit. The black and white enhanced her olive skin and the emerald ear-rings provided that splash of colour which truly lit the red carpet.
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Shahrukh Khan
Badshah Khan was the code-breaker of the evening. Whilst he joked about not having any intentions of serving the guests after the function, we think he looked totally handsome in the white tuxedo. Breaking from his image of wearing black at every event. SRK looked like an adorable waiter.
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Now coming to the not so good news... we look at them only to say, 'What were you thinking?'
Forget those hideous red blobs for a moment, the dress in itself looks like she dropped pineapple juice on it and then to cover it up used those paper flowers we all learnt in our craft class in school...Sure you wanted to stand out, but still 'what were you thinking?'

Oh dear god...!! That leathery black dress looks like its been picked up from an export surplus shop where it got rejected atleast a hundred times. If that wasn't enough, it looks like Prachi has put on 15 extra kilos,we don't know if that's the dress of prachi herself.
Prachi definitely needs to give her 'Rock On' designer a call so that she does not become a fashion criminal.
Was that the blinding sun that I saw...oh no wait, it was Rekha ji in her usual gold saree.

The garish gold saree accessorized with that equally loud gold clutch and the usual bright maroon lipstick...somebody needs to get the original diva of Bollywood a new wardrobe and a new stylist.

And this is a perfect example of how even black can betray you.

The glitter on the gown and the drape of the gown is fine but what happened? Did she run out of the material? Looks like she has to use the 'cycle chain' as a substitute for the sleeves. We know that kangana is the quite the 'quirky' girl of bollywood but we definitely think she needs to get a reality check done.


Aishwarya Rai
Another case of black going extremely wrong. The usually well-dressed Ash turned up at the Filmfare Awards 2009 in this saree that made her look 10 times her age. The black eye-shadow with the hair centre parted and tied in a tight bun, there was nothing that Ash could do to save the day.
Maybe Ash was trying the role reversal like her hubby..aakhir ladkiyan bhi kisi se kam nahi.

While we love the eccentric purple that Asin is sporting...but one cannot help think that there is a striking resemblance between the look and an eggplant (brinjal).

She looks like she landed from the sets of a 50's movie. While the dress and the accessories are well-matched what we really had a problem with was her make-up.

The blush seemed a little too loud and deviated from the natural pink gloss.

We know your trying to find your place in Bollywood, we say keep working girl. You'll find your way! 

This now we declare a crime, Payal looks like shes come off the sets of Madhur bhandarkar's 'Chandni Bar'. The saree teamed with that gold jewellery, perhaps she was advertising a jewel shop?

And to commit the greatest of the sins, the RED lipstick.

We have the perfect gift for Payal's next birthday, a MIRROR.

That was all we got from the Fashion Police. With celebs dressing like this, we sure seem to have a permanent job during this horrible recession!
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