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Fashion on Indian Telly...

'Fashion' spells wonders in today's Telly World.The style and the aura created by a character's appearance on screen is one way to get into the TRP charts...

Published: Sunday,Jan 13, 2008 10:55 AM GMT-07:00
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Fashion on Indian Telly...

As producers know, there are various ways of pulling in high TRP’s, one of them is through a talented cast, the other is through witty dialogues, but the most obvious is through 'Fashion'.

The way an actor or actress is styled affects how he or she is perceived by the audience. If fans cannot identify with the person’s look, then they fail to pay attention to that person or what they are saying. Because in effect, the hairstyle and clothing are making a statement already. Shows wanting to guarantee the loyalty of all fans and not just one set, now tend to cover looks from both East and West, and this fusion of tastes has been very successful.

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Fashion on Indian Telly...
Take DMG for instance. Armaan’s untucked shirts in pastel shades, several buttons undone, with stonewashed denims and boots has become his signature look. His and Anjali’s look, the long-sleeved flare shirts with skinny pants and thin heels are shown alongside Riddhima’s traditional salwar suits. The combination is not unintentional. They try to please both the conservatives and also those who may lean towards trendy Western clothing. In such a way, all of the fans can relate.

With the successful Ekta show Kasturi, Robbie tended towards shirts with several buttons, undone, casual pants, a necklace and earrings in both ears. Ladylove Kasturi Chawla dressed as a typical Punjabi girl in fitted salwar suits with traditional jewelry. Even post-marriage to first husband Raunak, and then second husband Robbie, Kasturi stuck to old-fashioned looks with saris, matching cholis and ornate long danglers. The rock star adored by millions, Robbie dressed the part with his flashy threads and gelled hairstyle. This combination is a time-tested favorite in Ekta shows.

Fashion on Indian Telly...
In another K show Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, the star pairing of Adi-Methili also embraced this look. The character of Vikram Aditya Mehra (Adi) is seen mostly in suiting jackets and pants, or casual shirts and coordinating bottoms. His romantic interest Methili wears colorful but conservative salwar suits.

Still another K series, the long-running Kasauti Zindagi Kay, featured the pair of Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. Prerna was always seen in flattering saris with elegant cholis. They were just the right amount of revealing without going overboard and always set off her radiant complexion. Mr. Bajaj was generally dressed in full business attire, with a matching suit, dress shirt, vest and necktie. He looked very much the sophisticated leading man, and Prerna, the equally sophisticated wife from a well-to-do family.

Even in the talk show Koffee With Karan, host Karan Johar used this fashion formula with great results. He would grace the sets wearing a Western designer shirt and pants, while his guests would wear traditional Eastern designers or a cutting-edge Western couturier.

Just as we tend to look twice at someone immaculately dressed walking down the street, so it is with the tube! There is never a guarantee people will like the current storyline, however making sure the cast is well-dressed in as easy way to pull in viewers. Especially with daily serials, people look forward to, and swoon over the well-thought-out ensembles worn by their favorite stars. And as we are all aware, these all-important TRP’s are required to guarantee top dollar from the sponsors, who support the creation of such compelling shows.


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MrsKaranGrover @MrsKaranGrover 15 years ago tfs, awesome article Trinz!... i knew DMG cast would be in this article lol..yess my Armaan's style sure is very trendy and so in Angies n Rid's..
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kan123 @kan123 15 years ago very well written...armaan's unbuttonned pastel shirts r indeed a trend ...
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Saima @sailat 15 years ago dont really think that one'll see a doc dressed so trendy. its usually more toned down going with a more formal look i.e. tie et al. highly unbelievable and unlikely!! altho not sure if thats the way it works in india. but then again my bro did his MBBS from india n knw that jeans weren't allowed in colleges!! trendy it mite be but very unlikely!!
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AreYaar @AreYaar 15 years ago Fantastic article, Trins!! Very well described! Especially liked the paragraph on DMG...and Armaan's pastel shirts ;) lol
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Jenifer @Jenifer. 15 years ago i have to admit that oif someone from these drama's wear something different then i feel awkward so clothes does make such an impact on the audience!
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*4rom heaven*
Zainab @*4rom heaven* 15 years ago thanx gr8 article buh where's IQ :(
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preeti @preeti015 15 years ago haha... I just knew DMG had to part of this article...lol....
Thank 4 the article....
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ashna khan @mishcutie90 15 years ago all the styles fit the significant charactr well..except prerna who is grandma in the serial and still looks as young as she looked when she was 20
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Anu @DulceAmor 15 years ago Thanks for this cool article!
I agree completely with all the couples/shows mentioned, especially with DMG - Armaan always looks so stylish and Riddhima's suits are so pretty.
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sneha @*~sneha~* 15 years ago amazing article..ARMAAN RULES...he looks amazing angie and ridz look gr8 too!!
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