Fashion Fiesta Payal Rohatgi

Actress Payal Rohatgi shares her fashion funda.

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What is 'fashion' for you?

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For me its something that's 'in' for the season but something that compliments my body because I don't just follow if something is 'in' but does not complement me and something that is influenced by designers.

Are you a fashion freak or believe in having own fashion statement?

Yes I get inspired by everybody,goes through my robes and study what is in and what is not. But, I always wear something that compliments my body.That's all.

Favourite outfit

Its a dress because I think a woman get complimented best in a dress or a Saree.

Outing with friends you will wear

Outing casually with friends I will just wear a denim and a shirt.

On occasions

For a premiere or something I will like to wear dresses.

Favourite designer

Manish Malhotra.

Favourite shopping destination


Favourite brand


Favourite colours

Black, red, pink and white.

A must wear accessory for you


In your purse one will always find

Mobile and money of course but mobile is required because if I have a mobile I can call for money also.

Your wardrobe collection for winters

Leather jackets, nice woolens etc.

Manish Malhotra

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