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Exploring Koena!

Koena Mitra, one of the hottest and sexiest divas in the tinsel town, has managed her few precious moments to share her feelings about her sizzling appearance

Published: Thursday,Jun 05, 2008 09:01 AM GMT-06:00
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Koena Mitra, one of the hottest and sexiest divas in the tinsel town, has managed her few precious moments to share her feelings about her sizzling appearance, raaz behind her sleek figure, secret of her name, the kind of man she is looking for and a bit more. It simply can be tagged as delving into the heart of Koena…

Q. You are termed as one of the hottest lady in tinsel town. How do you take this compliment?
A. It always feels good when people appreciate your work. In the films you have to go along with the demands of the
Exploring Koena!
script and the character and get dressed according to that. Otherwise, in my real life I am always dressed casually. I’m comfortable wearing sporty clothes only.

Q. Your name sounds to be very sweet and beautiful. What exactly does Koena mean?
A. Thanks for the compliment. My mother’s name is Krishna, which is a name of a river. Koena is the tributary, which is born out of that river when it meets with another river.

Q. Secret behind your sexy figure?
A. It’s a combination of a good balanced diet accompanied with exercises. For me exercises can be walking, swimming or playing any kind of sports. Fitness is the best formula to look good and feel better. I only miss my exercises when am back after a long schedule as at that moment I just want to relax and my destination is my bedroom.

Q. You have always been in the news regarding your link-ups and enmity with co-stars. How do you take all these?
A. I like to read and forget. Even people have a short memory for gossips. My parents also understand that these are the parts of a glamour life. Moreover, if your partner isn’t from the same industry then it becomes very hard to make him understand the truth. I am lucky because of my single-hood and all these gossips don’t matter for me. About my enmity with my co-stars, it’s again the rumours created by the media. Till now, I have never had any problems with my co-stars.

Q. What qualities would you look in your wannabe man?
A. A smart, sincere and understanding guy, who definitely would be more mature than me. My ideal man must possess the correct culture and upbringing.

Q. Would your dream boy belong to Bollywood?
A. Definitely not. He would never be the one involved working in Bollywood or politics.

Q. But being an outsider how would he be able to cope up with the rumours that float around an artist associated with the glamour industry?
A. I would not enter into a relationship till I am sure that he understands my profession and is comfortable with it. We will think of taking the relationship ahead only after he feels secure with my status.

Q. Would you like your man to cook up some good food for you as a surprise when you are busy with your shooting schedules?
A. Yes, that would be very sweet and a pleasant surprise for me. Anyway, men are always better cooks than women. That’s why all well-known chefs are men.

Q. It looks to be a kind of fashion in Bollywood to fall in love with a married man. Would you prefer to follow the same?
A. No way, if today he can ditch somebody for me, tomorrow he may dump me, too.

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