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Excerpt from the interview of Robbie Sabrwal aka Karan Patel

Catch the Rockstar Robbie Sabrwal at India-Forums on Moon 11th June at 11pm IST. Check out the glimpse of the interview taken by the host Kirti

Published: Sunday,Jun 10, 2007 11:43 AM GMT-06:00
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Excerpt from the interview of Robbie Sabrwal aka Karan Patel
Robbie Sabrwal a rockstar from Kasturi serial in Star Plus has truly taken the small screen by storm. With the mere mention of his name girls from round the world at India-Forums blush, smile, dream about this hunky dory guy. 

India-Forums has received huge response of messages and questions on the announcement of his interview. With the stardom still not reaching to his head the modest Karan Patel was truly a charmer and was all praise for the huge fan following that he has at India-Forums. The interview will be aired on 11th June 2007 at 11pm IST.

But before that here is the excerpt from the interview of Karan Patel taken by host Kirti

Kirti: Before we continue with our other messages and questions…we have a rapid fire round which you have to answer… we’ll ask you some very sweet and innocent questions and you have to give us some evil answers for those

Kirti: Your Secret fantasy
Karan: (Laugh) Aha you have started off from the most naughty question first..
Kirti: Absolutely.. We would want evil answers from you..
Karan: Would like to spend time with the beautiful girls all alone in the chartered aircraft
Kirti: Well your fans at India-Forums would fill up the entire aircraft and you would have to buy another one..
Kirti: One thing you would like to change about yourself
Karan:  Umm Nothing
Kirti: One word u use very frequently
Karan: Inshaal Allah
Kirti: If u won 2 crores on KBC you would..
Karan: I would fulfill the fantasy that I told you at the first question
Kirti: If you were on a deserted island…the 3 things you would like to have with yourself?
Karan: I would want to have lots of water; A beautiful beautiful beautiful gorgeous nice lady; Air condition tent.
Kirti: Why did u waste your one wish on water? You are surrounded by water. It’s an island
Karan: Well I didn’t say I need water to drink. I can have a small pool to swim. I could have a shower.
Kirti: Birthday?
Karan: 25th Nov
Kirti: Your First crush
Karan:  My School Teacher
Kirti: Which Class
Karan: I was in the grade 9th and she was teaching senior classes. She was a B.A teacher
Kirti:  If you had the choice to be re-born as someone else, who would it be and why?     Karan: Shahrukh Coz I love the man.. I love his success story; I love the hard work he has put in. From where he was to where he is its truly commendable.
Kirti: What role in a bollywood film do you think you would have been perfect for and why?  Karan: Ishq Vishk. Well all my fans think that my speak and Shahid’s doesn’t.
Kirti: According to you the most beautiful Telly actresses????
Karan: Aamna Shariff (Competition for Bhaskar)

To all the beautiful girls at India-Forums, Karan has passed a special message that he will soon visit the forum and will reply to each and every message of yours. He was all praises for the beautiful poem written by one of the I-F member and wants to store in his cellphone. So to find out who is the lucky I-Fian and  more about this hot looking actor make sure that you tune to India-Forums Radio at www.india-forums.com/radio on 11th June 2007 at 11pm.

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AnkitaKaran @AnkitaKaran 9 years ago Love u Karan Patel
Love u Karan Patel
Love u Karan Patel
Love u Karan Patel ...,
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aqua_kanwal @aqua_kanwal 13 years ago MISSING YOU LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.My prayers and best wishes always with you.......COME BACK plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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amarya @amarya 16 years ago hi karan this is amarya from the uk
i after say u r doing a fantastic job in kasturi keep it up and by the way i luv your eyes and luv u soooooooooo much, i can't get to asleep at night without looking at your picture. luv u loads , take care
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esha @eshamalik 16 years ago plz ask him to give a detail interview once again.can any one tell me karan memail id???
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ramsha @-SilentLove- 16 years ago i wouldnt want to say that i have a crush on you
but i would say you are doing a great job in kasturi
you are handsome nice and cute rockstar
instead of being the girl that has a crush on you
i would like to be a friend of yours
i am a simple girl living with her small family
please replay to me
bye mr karan patel
or i should say robbie sabharwal a real rockstar
lol bye
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Madhurima Chowdhury @OLAI 16 years ago I hope u don't mind for what I have wrote on my last messege.
Hey ap plz herose anti hero mat baniye,accha nehi lagta.And u look good on that red T-shirt last week.carryon.......Madhurima.
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Aisha @theaisha 16 years ago iloveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you very much
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Madhurima Chowdhury @OLAI 16 years ago Karan u r too good...........but r u realy such a hot tempered person,then plz I must say Gussa bohut hanikarak hota hai.I realy like ur acting.........I saw u in in that add (BANK)also.and even in Kasauti,karam,kasamse...............All the best for ur career.
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Amna @Aarzoo47 16 years ago hez first crush is a teacher .. so funny ..
thanx alot i enjoyed so much
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alison @alilavin 16 years ago hey... i just like u a lot...u r really too good man infact i m too much in love with u dat i like to c kasturi serial only for u...i also like to c ur videos all time on www.youtube.com...like to c u as a lover boy... ur doing a gr8 job there... u r really cute n handsome...kasturi is also cute... hope u n Kasturi r never seperated....My Good wishes to u both...Hey Robbie u have a gr8 smile n a cute dimple... love u
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