Ektaa R Kapoor and Arunabh Kumar, founder of TVF join hands for the 'Hindi Motion Picture Universe'

With her partnership with Arunabh Kumar, who is said to be the pioneer of digital content, she is ready to change the face of Indian storytelling.

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Ektaa Kapoor

Ektaa R. Kapoor is undeniably the content czarina of the Indian entertainment industry. The leading producer, through Balaji Motion Pictures, has boomed the theatrical and digital entertainment industry by breaking stereotypes and delivering distinctive genres of stories about various important subjects with universal appeal. Having delivered hit films, the production house is teaming up with the ex-CEO of TVF, Arunabh Kumar, for Hindi Motion Pictures. 

Arunabh Kumar, an Indian entrepreneur, producer, director, screenwriter, actor, and founder of The Viral Fever, is gearing up for his big screen debut, and for his debut, he has joined hands with content writer Czarina Ekta R Kapoor. With her partnership with Arunabh Kumar, who is said to be the pioneer of digital content, she is ready to change the face of Indian storytelling. 

They are set to join hands on the three projects, and they have zeroed down the two projects on which they have been working for almost 18 months. 

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Talking about the collaboration, Ektaa R. Kapoor said, "The content has always been a priority for me as the producer, and I have been making the films, shows, and stories with a wide range of audiences in mind. With me partnering with Arunabh Kumar, we aim to create a story that celebrates the heartland of the India.I hope our collaboration finds the same love and acceptance from the audiences as they showered on our previous individual projects." 

On Partnering with Ektaa R Kapoor, Arunabh Kumar shared his views and said, "I am looking forward to collaborating with Ektaa R Kapoor and Balaji Motion Pictures. They have brought content waves across the nation with their varieties of talent, and their content has been widely accepted by the audiences. With them joining hands, the project is sure to make a global appeal".

Speaking of The Viral Fever (TVF), this content firm has spent the previous ten years creating original content in Hindi. 

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