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‘Ekta Kapoor Murdered Mahabharat’: Mukesh Khanna Lashes Out

After taking a jibe at Sonakshi Sinha, Mukesh Khanna does not spare Television czarina Ekta Kapoor as well. He slammed her for her 2008 show Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki while talking about his plans of the modern version of Shaktimaaan...


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Mukesh Khanna was currently in the news for his comment against Sonakshi Sinha. The actor, well known by his famous character Shaktimaan, also played Bhishma in the show Mahabharat and had taken a jibe against Sonakshi for not knowing the history of Indian culture.

Sonakshi had failed to answer a question related to the Indian mythology Ramayana on Amitabh Bachchan’s show Kaun Banega Crorepati and had become the target of the trolls. Reacting to the same, Khanna had stated that the reruns of the iconic shows like Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan and BR Chopra's Mahabharat on Doordarshan will ‘help people like Sonakshi Sinha who have no knowledge about our mythological sagas.’

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Like Mahabharat, the iconic show Shaktimaan is also set to return for a rerun on TV. Khanna, who played the character, reveals that he is planning to re-create the show for the younger show. However, he states that the new show cannot be the way Ekta Kapoor re-made Mahabharat in 2008.

Ekta Kapoor had produced the show Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki in 2008, which was slated to be a modern version of the Indian mythology Mahabharata. And now, Mukesh Khanna has slammed the television czarina, as in a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, he said:

The new version of Shaktimaan cannot be the way Ekta Kapoor made Mahabharata (in 2008) by putting a tattoo on Draupadi’s shoulder. She had said that she was making Mahabharata for modern people. ‘Sanskriti kabhi modern nahi ho sakti, putri. Jis din Sanskriti ko modern karoge, khatam ho jayegi’ (Culture can never be modern, The day you try to make culture modern, the culture will be over).


He further said:

If the serial name would be ‘Kyunki Greek Bhi Kabhi Hindustani the, then I would accept Ekta’s Mahabharat. Who has given them the right to slaughter an epic? They have changed the actual version of Devarath’s ‘Bhishma Pratigya’ to something else and created a vamp-like image for Satyavati, among other things in the show. They tried to be smarter than Vyas muni (Ved Vyasa, who wrote Mahabharata) to which I have an objection. I want to point out that Ramayana and Mahabharata are not mythologies, they are our histories.


Khanna further reveals that many producers wanted to buy the rights to his show Shaktimaan.

I can't let anyone murder Shaktimaan as Ekta has murdered Mahabharata. I had talks with big television production companies but things didn't work out because it didn't fall in their strategy. It's their loss as whoever makes Shaktimaan will earn money. Now, I have a deal with someone.

- Mukesh Khanna asserts

Well, the modern adaptation of Shaktimaan sounds exciting! Share your views in the comments below…


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