Dipika Samson back on Sasural Simar Ka!

Actress Dipika Samson stays back as Simar in the show Sasural Simar Ka.

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Actress Dipika Samson had bid aideu to her Sasural Simar Ka team on May 9th but within two days we hear, she was asked to resume shooting. The actress who had cited creative differences, was leaving the show after being associated with it for three years. A lot of names had been circulated as replacement but we hear that the makers were keen to have Dipika continue. 

This past weekend the matters were sorted and now Dipika is staying for good.  When we contacted Dipika she said, "Parting from a show which you have been part of for three years is very difficult. Sasural Simar Ka is my family and I am glad that all the creative differences have been resolved and I am once again back as Simar." 

Welcome back Dipika! 


Dipika Kakar Sasural Simar Ka 

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shriankita 6 years ago Dipika Samson rocks as Simar
Keep rocking
But please leave this show
Deenakshi 6 years ago Dipika Samson rocks in ssk as simar.premar acting is superb in ssk.love u a lot as simar
Premar556 6 years ago Love u deepika and dheeraj u both just rock as premar in ssk
Love u both
Deenakshi 6 years ago Dipika Samson u are rocks in ssk.thanks u coming back in ssk..no one repalace simar.rosim is lovely and cute sisters
DIPPYSINHA 6 years ago Love u Dipika Samson
keep rocking
Leave this show
suhanakkt 6 years ago Hahaha did she think she is getting more attention? only looser like her can think.by the way who really care if she stay or quit. She definitely learnt lesson from her dear so called friend shoaib who is jobless more then year now.no one will even take her as a side character so she come back hahaha AH drama queen.
justchillalways 6 years ago Love you Dipika. You sure is Simar and no one can take your place. You potrayed the role very good and happy that you are back in the show.
Shas3 6 years ago This show would have been good if they made Roli and Sid the main focus.
It's too much sasuraal drama and is one of the few shows on air that does those annoying old fashioned zoom effects.
Literally everyone in the family member gets their own annoying storyline and what we actually want to see (Rosid) is just sidelined...
Won't be surprised if Deepika complained that Avika is stealing her thunder...show should end and Manish and Avika should be paired in something new...
As much I like Rosid; as the show is now, it is unbearable to watch.2014-05-13 23:15:46
shriankita 6 years ago Please please please please leave ssk Dipika Samson
DiptiShoaib 6 years ago Love u DIPIKA SAMSON , Please leave this show
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